I  -aa, -li2.   I, me:  cha-, po-.   I, me, my:  ana.   mine, I, me:  ano.   I'm the one, I'm it:  anoolo.   I myself:  hiiyaakáalo.   I myself, as for myself:  anáali
ice  akmi.   to be frozen, icy, freezing:  akmi
ice hook  akmistabatilka
ice water  okikasahka
icicle  akmistatakka
icy  to be frozen, icy, freezing:  akmi
idea  to forget an idea, forget what one is going to say:  imayosba
identical  to be the same, identical:  máali1, ittimáali
idiot  kostinitíkkokáhchi
idle  to be idle, lazy, irresponsible, shiftless:  hobakchi
idleness  hobalikcha
if  would, if, whenever:  -ma.   maybe, if, perhaps:  máamiima
ignite  to ignite, start (of a fire):  kitaaya, kilayli.   to set afire, ignite (one object):  atikìili
ignore  to ignore:  ikháalo ilahoobachi, háalosbánko
ill  to be sickly, unwell, feeling bad chronically, in ill health:  koyaabi.   to catch (a disease), come down with (an illness), contract (a disease):  almatli
illegible  to be opaque, illegible:  mottaíkko.   to be illegible to, be unaccessible to:  immottaíkko
illegitimate  illegitimate child:  aatosi intaatasobaíkko, poskòosi intaatasobayíkko.   to be illegitimate (of a child):  intaata sobayíkko
image  picture (of oneself), any image:  holba.   to be an image:  holba.   to make an image:  holbachi
imitate  to imitate:  ittihólbachi, holbachi, málmàhmi
immature  green, immature, unripe:  wakìiyo
imminent  to be threatening or imminent (of weather):  hátchàali
immortal  to be immortal:  ikíllo, imilillíkso
impale  to drive in (a sharp object), pierce, impale (one object):  achosòoli
impatient  to be impatient, in a hurry:  imaltóospa.   to be uncomfortable, impatient (esp. from pain):  nokhamohkachi.   to irritate, make impatient:  nokhamohlichi
impeach  to impeach, throw out of office (one person):  maalichi
imperceivable  to be opaque, imperceivable, unclear, invisible:  mottaíkko
impregnate  to impregnate:  ayokchi, onaapichi, innáahochi
imprison  to close up in, imprison:  onokbahli.   to be closed up in, imprisoned:  onokbahka
improve  to improve, better, clear up:  kanoochi
in  to be located in (a container) on top of (something):  ispaatállàaka.   to make enter, let in, retract (one object):  chokkaliilichi.   to put in (one object):  hokfi.   to put in, pour (plural objects or mass noun) into:  aɬi1.   to put in (the pocket):  ilaɬi.   to put (one object) in (a container):  ishokfi.   to put (one object) in (a container that already has something in it):  ishòokfi
inarticulate  to not be able to talk plainly, be inarticulate:  hochífko
incapable  to be incapable of doing anything, to feel not up to doing anything:  hobakchi
incense  incense, cologne, perfume, etc.:  hoofna
inch  ìnchka
inclined  to want (some thing or occurrence), need, like, be inclined to, try:  banna
include  to include, add on to, put with:  asaachi.   to include in a group, welcome:  iyyowwa.   to be included with, be together with, be added to:  àasa
incompatible  to be incompatible, unable to get along:  ittakìilo, ittinkánko
incompetent  to not be in one's right mind, incompetent, not know any better (as a baby or a drunk):  hakti
incontinent  to wet on oneself, be incontinent:  ilihoswa
incorrect  to be incorrect, be at fault:  istimmìnta, istiⁿɬakoffi
increase  to add to, increase, multiply:  maapaahòkfayok lawahchi.   to multiply, increase (of one group):  maatittapaanaɬka.   to be increasing, getting to be more:  maalawàasi
incurable  any dreadful, incurable disease:  holpafàyko
index finger  ilbistimbiɬìika, ilbisbiɬiika
Indian  American Indian, Native American:  aati, aati aapihchi hómma, aatihòmma, nipihómma.   American Indian baby or child:  aatosi.   Alabama Indian:  Albaamo.   Cherokee Indian:  Chalakki.   Choctaw Indian:  Chahta.   Coushatta Indian:  Kosaati.   Coushatta Indians, Coushatta tribe:  Kosaatiha.   Muskogee (Creek) Indian:  Maskooki.   half-breed, half white person (half Indian or mulatto):  tatkahókkìita.   half-breed, Indian and black:  aathòmma loochahókkìita.   half-breed, Indian and Mexican:  aathòmma ispaanihókkìita.   half-breed, Indian and white or Indian and black:  aathòmma tatkahókkìita.   any Indian language:  aatinnaaɬiilka.   to speak other Indian languages, be a polyglot:  oolamiita
Indian corn  corn, Indian corn:  chaskowaski.   corn, white corn, a very white Indian corn:  chassisokha
Indian fire  Indian fire, low fire made in the woods:  athòmmintikba
Indian reservation  aathòmma imìistilka, aathòmma imoolachòoba
indicate  to do that way (as previously mentioned), do as indicated, do as expected:  mamíhchi
indigestion  to have heartburn, indigestion:  istimasaama
inedible  not food, something inedible:  ilpókko
inexpensive  to be cheap, inexpensive:  achikìibo
infant  poskòososi
infect  to infect, get (a body part) infected:  imaniichichi.   to infect, give (someone) a disease:  almatlichi.   to have an infected place:  imaniichi.   to have an infected place rupture:  istimalwahka
infection  aniichi
infest  to get infested with maggots:  oyaachi
inflate  to inflate, pump up (a flat tire), blow up with air:  poffichi, pofkat chobachi
influence  to influence, put ideas in (someone's head):  achosòoli
influenza  toɬɬoilka kánko, toɬtoilchòoba.   to have the flu, influenza:  folòoka
inform  to let someone know, inform, pass on a message:  haalochi.   to invite, inform (someone) of an invitation:  iⁿfatli.   to not inform on, not tell on (someone):  alomhichi
information  naaɬiilka
infrequent  to intermittent, singular, infrequent:  chafaaka
ingredient  seasoning, ingredient, spice:  istaasa
inhabit  to live at a place, inhabit, be around (of more than one):  ìisa
inhalant  smelling salts, anesthetic gas, decongestant inhalant, etc.:  ilahifosilka
inhale  to inhale, sniff (something):  ilahifoska
in heat  to be in heat:  ikba
inherit  to inherit:  àasa, hállatka.   to inherit a name (first or last name) of, take someone's name (as a woman in marriage):  istonaholchifa.   to inherit, hold rights (to land):  támbatka.   to be one's right to inherit:  imilahállatka.   to have the right to inherit property:  ilahállatka
injection  injection, shot:  isɬopotilka.   to get pierced, stuck, or stabbed, get a shot:  ɬopotka
injunction  to issue a warning, command, instruction, or general injunction:  aybachi
injure  to hurt someone, injure, cripple:  iⁿhoopachi.   to reinjure, make an injury worse:  istimpaanahka.   to reinjure someone (on a part of the body):  istimoonahli.   to keep hurting an injury, reinjure oneself while trying to protect a wound:  istoonahli.   to have a pain (in a part of the body), be injured, crippled:  iⁿhoopa
in-law  parent in-law, father-in-law, mother-in-law:  ikposikchi.   father-in-law:  ikposikchinaani, taatastáhoba.   mother-in-law:  ikposikchitàyyi, impíchistàhoba.   daughter-in-law:  ipokitàyyi.   brother-in-law:  ittachakkistáhoba, imala.   sister-in-law:  iⁿhayya.   to be a son-in-law to:  imonnaaɬi.   to be married, have in-laws:  onnaaɬi
inn  aayistilka
inner ear  hakchoobi, iⁿhakcho, iⁿhakchohayo
in order to  so, in order to:  -móska
insane  insane asylum, mental hospital:  aatikostìnko imìistilka, aatkostìnko imìistilka.   insane person:  aatkostìnko.   to be crazy, act insane:  kostìnko
insecticide  iskanistilba.   perfume, insecticide, paint, shaving cream, etc.:  istompoffichi
insects, etc  insect:  iskani.   any stinging arthropod (bee, wasp, scorpion, etc.):  iⁿɬakíisa.   butterfly, moth:  hakchoopàalpa.   dragonfly:  hatokwassi.   flea:  kasto.   gnat:  iskanhatka.   fly:  chokano, ɬaana.   horsefly:  chichoba kachàali.   lightning bug, firefly:  hakchòmmapala.   cricket:  sollòota.   grasshopper:  hataffo.   large grasshopper:  hatokhàapli.   katydid, cricket, locust:  kasasa.   cicada:  sowiisowi.   praying mantis, walking stick:  hokchokosòoma.   walking stick:  hokchobàaski.   bedbug:  iskanihoyòopa.   dung beetle:  laykitonòolichi.   June bug:  fiitihpo.   beetle, plant parasite:  ittoissipa.   any of various scarab beetles such as june bug:  saksámpa.   love bugs:  iskanlochasi.   potato bug:  aataksi ipa.   stink bug, pumpkin bug, dung beetle:  holikcho kosòoma.   whirligig beetle, black water bug:  aatimpiskachàali.   little black water insect:  sokpanòoli.   long-legged, red water insects:  sokpanòoli.   sawyer beetle, black beetle, sawyer worm, pine beetle larva, small pine bark grub:  saklichi.   cockroach, tick:  iskanpatha.   lice:  ichha.   mosquito:  kallapìita.   ant, esp. fire ant, termite ant:  iskanniyòosa.   fire ant:  iskanniyòosa hoyòopa.   flying ant:  iskaniyòosa waayóhka.   small red ant that stinks when squashed:  iskaniyòosa kosòoma.   queen ant:  iskaniyòosa immikko.   town ant, large red ant:  iskaniyòossoba.   winged ant, termite?:  choklahpa.   black ant:  iskanniyòosa locha.   bee, esp. honey bee:  foho.   bumblebee:  haskiina.   yellowjacket:  fofchanassa.   yellowjacket species (lives on the ground):  hanifatala.   wasp:  fohobaski.   green hornet:  fofchòkba.   muddauber, dirtdauber:  tikhanti.   black insect about three inches long, thin at the middle:  kochiba.   cocoon:  hakchoopalpa ochòosi.   maggot:  chokanochòosi.   maggot, screw worm, larva:  oya.   mosquito larvae:  yalba.   woolly bear caterpillar:  iskaniwoksi, lambi.   hookworm:  sapona.   worm, hookworm:  iskani.   tomato cutworm, caterpillar:  iskanokchakko choba.   grub, beetle larva:  saklichi ochoski.   large grub, beetle larva:  saksámpa.   large white grub species, prob. pine beetle grub:  okyaali.   tick:  satanpatha, satani, satanochoski.   woodtick, tick sp.:  satanichoba.   chiggers, red bugs:  wancholàski.   spider:  hanchokfala.   any venomous spider:  hanchokfala kánko.   black widow spider:  hanchokfala locha.   daddy longlegs:  tapassòola.   scorpion:  hachichiniili.   crab:  sakchopatha.   crayfish:  sakcho.   red crawfish:  sakchohomma.   shrimp:  sakchohachi.   centipede, millipede:  iyyilawa.   earthworm, nightcrawler:  lapcho.   leech:  lapchola
insentient  to not be in one's right mind, insentient, unaware, incompetent, not know any better (as a baby or a drunk):  hakti
insert  to insert (one object) between, stick in between:  achasàali, samatlichi.   to insert (one object) for, put in between two things for:  iⁿsamatlichi.   to be inserted, end up between (of one):  samatli.   to have (one object) inserted in, slipped in, squeezed in:  iⁿsamatli
inside  hayo.   to be inside a closed space (of more than one):  alpitta.   to be inside, be on board, ride in (a vehicle) (of more than one):  aɬka.   to get into, be inside, be in jail (of one):  hokfa.   to have something get inside one's clothes:  iⁿsamatli, samatli.   to put (one object) inside (a container):  ischokoolichi
inside out  to be turned over, turned inside out, be rolled over (of one):  ittafilinka1.   to turn (one object) to another side, turn inside out:  ittafíllìmmi
inspection sticker  mobìlkimistika
install  to install (two) in office:  chikìili.   to take office, assume a position, be installed in office:  lokòoli
instead  instead, except:  inkoomon
instep  instep, arch (of the foot):  iyyistiⁿhachàali
instruct  to instruct:  imaybachi.   to teach (a subject), instruct:  aabachi
instruction  to issue a warning, command, instruction, or general injunction:  aybachi
instructor  holisso sobaylìichi
instrument  musical instrument:  olaatilka.   any small musical instrument:  olaachilkasi.   brass musical instrument:  ochona olaachilka, ochonapofilka
insufficient  to be insufficient:  istálpìsko
intact  to be still unbroken, intact:  bóssòtko
integrated  to be racially integrated:  paanaɬka
intelligent  to be wise, intelligent:  kostini
interbreed  tribes or races that have interbred:  ittayonkachi
intercourse  to have sexual intercourse with:  bihli, pilàachi, apoɬòoka.   to have sexual intercourse with one another:  ittibihli.   to make the motions of sexual intercourse:  ooyoffi.   to mount (a female) for sexual intercourse:  istabanàaka
interest  to like, love, care about, be interested in:  imalosti.   to get (someone) interested in something or someone:  imalostichi
interfere  to have plans go wrong, be interfered with:  istimpìila
interlock  to be interlocking (of two):  ittihokfa
intermarry  to intermarry:  ittayommi.   to be intermarried:  ittapaanakaakachi
intermingle  to intermingle with, mix with (of one or one group):  paanaɬka.   to mix together, intermingle (of things that should not be mixed):  ittayommi.   to be mixed together, intermingled (of two):  ittapaanaɬka
intermittent  to be intermittent, spaced far apart, infrequent:  chafaaka
interpret  to interpret, translate:  ayitika.   to interpret for, translate for:  imittinnaaɬiika, imayitika
interpreter  maastinnaaɬìika, ayitika, imayitika, kapitani
interrupt  to bother or interrupt (someone who is busy):  taklahli, istimpilaachi
intertwine  to intertwine, fit together, join, chain together:  ittihokfi.   to be intertwining, fitted together (of two):  ittihokfa
interval  space between two points of reference, span, interval:  altàala
interwoven  anything put together by interweaving or interlocking:  ittataɬka.   to be interwoven, interlocking:  ittasamahli
intestine  chaabi, inchaabi.   large intestine:  inchaabichoba.   small intestine:  inchaabosi.   hog intestines:  sokhinchaabi
in time  to be in time:  mayóoba
into  to go into, enter:  chokkaliika, chokkahka, chokkàaka.   to get into, be inside, be in jail (of one):  hokfa.   to empty into a container, transfer from one container to another:  tosoyli.   to have something too tight to get into or through (as clothes):  awanha.   to put in, pour (plural objects or mass noun) into:  aɬi1.   to run into, bump into, collide with (of one or once):  abatapka
intoxicate  to intoxicate, get someone drunk:  yammichi1.   to be drunk, intoxicated:  yammi1
intoxication  yalinka
invalid  a person who feels sick all the time, invalid:  koyàabi
investigate  to find out about, look into, investigate:  akostiniichi, aawihli, imahaalochi
invincible  to be proud, act invincible, show off:  innakni
invisible  to be invisible:  ilhichíkso, ilhíichatíkko.   to be opaque, illegible, imperceivable, unclear, invisible:  mottaíkko
invite  to invite, include in a group, welcome:  iyyowwa.   to invite, inform (someone) of an invitation:  iⁿfatli
iris  iris of the eye:  ittiɬbonotka
Irish potato  ahataksi
iron  iron, metal:  ochana.   carpenter's plane, smoother, iron:  isɬinko.   cattle brand, branding iron:  waaka isholisso.   iron nail:  achoopa.   iron ore:  talchossi.   ironing clothing, sanding lumber, planing wood, shining shoes, etc.:  ɬimichkochi, ɬinkochi.   soldering iron:  istonabilaachilka, ɬaki onaɬatoffi
ironwood  ittowanha.   blue beech, ironwood:  ittosankachi.   eastern hophornbeam, ironwood tree:  ayaanabi
irresponsible  to be idle, lazy, irresponsible, shiftless:  hobakchi
irritate  to irritate, agitate, rub the wrong way, make impatient:  nokhamohlichi.   to be irritating to:  píllàachi.   to be irritated, uncomfortable, impatient (esp. from pain):  nokhamohkachi
island  ihaani paatalàakasi, ihaanosi.   Cane Island:  iɬani ispaatalàaka
itch  itch, raw spot:  wasihka.   itch, tickle:  wasihko.   to itch, have a rash, have eczema:  wasihli.   to scratch an itch, rub, scrape:  waslichi.   to tickle (a part of the body) for, scratch an itch on for:  iwwachiklichi.   to tickle (one), make itch, scratch an itch:  wasihlichi.   to have an itch (in a particular place):  iwwasihli.   to have a tickle, feel a tickle, have a tickling feeling, have an itch (on a part of the body):  iwwachikli.   to have an itchy face:  ibiiwasihli
its  his, her, or its own:  ibisnáali.   his, hers, its:  ibisno
itself  by oneself, by himself, by herself, by itself:  ibisnáɬɬi, ibisnáali
ivy  poison ivy, poison oak:  baksakánko, hassikánko