gain  to multiply, gain:  lawwatanòoka.   to gain (weight):  ibachasàaka.   to gain a little (weight):  maatimáasàasi.   to gain weight:  maatimàasa, chobat aɬɬa
gall  bile, gall, gallbladder:  iⁿhomi
gallop  to go clippety-clop, make the sound of galloping hooves:  kipìilichi
Galveston  Kalfisti
gamble  gambling:  holissotòoka.   to bet with each other, gamble on:  ittimbahli
game  playing, game:  tòoka.   games:  hompanka.   card game:  holissotòoka.   marble game:  taliholitcha.   moccasin game:  ɬahkalonka.   stickball game:  kapachitòoka.   traditional board game:  taniilka.   traditional Christmas party game:  óolalwi.   leader (of a game), coach, director:  hompanìichi.   to lead a game:  hompaniichi.   to lead (an activity, esp. a game):  ishinaata.   to play (a game, especially a ballgame such as stickball):  tòoli.   to play (games or sports):  hompani.   to play the board game taniilka:  tanihka.   to play the game of tag:  halàyko.   to win (a game or contest):  istisi
gap  to lay across a gap (e.g. a beam), span with, cross a gap with, bridge a gap with (one object):  afitàali, abanàali.   to be placed across two objects so as to span a gap (of one):  abanàaka
gar  banta, baacha
garage  mobìlka aatalibòoka, mobìlka imiisa
gardenia  kaɬàaha pakaali
gargle  to gargle (medicine):  ɬololohka.   to gargle with:  istilinooyaasihli
garlic  onion, garlic:  kosòoma
garters  istanaɬkachi istalsiya
garter snake  chintokchákkosi
gas  flatulence, gas, fart:  holikcho.   foam, gas from fermented berries:  pakpaki.   oil, gasoline, kerosine:  apalokchi.   to pass gas:  hokcho, iⁿsobotlichi, istiⁿsitoffi
gasp  to gasp, breathe intermittently, pant (for breath):  hifoska atiplichi.   to be short of breath, breathe shallowly (as when sick):  iⁿhifosilka imatipkachi
gaspergou  okmálko
gate  holihtokhicha, okhicha
gather  assembly, gathering:  ittanahkat lokòolihchi.   collection, group, gathering:  istállàaka.   to gather (cloth), make gathers:  yikiɬɬi.   to gather together, get together (of several):  ittillokòoli.   to meet, gather, organize as a group:  lokòoli, ittanahka.   to collect, gather, pick (things that have to be looked for such as berries):  wihli.   to gather (a planted crop), harvest, pick (a crop):  ittanahli.   to gather fabric, put gathers in (a garment):  istiwwiliksichi.   to be gathered (of fabric):  wiliksi
gathers  gathers, ruffles:  istiwwiliksi
gator  hachonchoba
gaze  to see, gaze at:  híicha
gee  my!, gee!, well!:  móoskat
gel  to gel, turn to jelly, clot (of blood), curdle (of milk):  wolohki.   to solidify, gel, congeal (as cooling grease):  akmi
gelatin  chalóoka
generous  to let have it, be generous, not mind if taken:  iyikìiho
genitals  istimonkachi, ittabittaltàala, istiⁿholiswa, obittaltàala.   genitals (of a woman):  inchilaaka.   to hide one's genitals, cover the privates:  ilatanayli
gentle  to be tame, gentle:  pakáamàasi, pakaama.   to be very tame, gentle, not a bit wild:  pakáamàssi
gently  quietly, easily, gently, sneakily, covertly:  ayapátlòosi
German  Chaama
gesture  to do a certain way, do like this, go like this (gesture):  yamíhchi, yàhmi
get  to take, catch, get, accept, get credit for (one object):  isi.   to take (one thing in a container), get (one thing in a container):  istisi.   to arrest, come get (one object):  iltisi.   to cause or let someone take or get (one object):  isiichi.   to go after (one object), go get:  ostisi, ostistisi, maatisi.   to go get and put down:  ilpiɬka, ospiɬka.   to go get, go pick up (more than one thing):  ospihli.   to reach for, take away, go get, go after (one object in a container):  maastisi
get along  to get along together:  ittimayokpa.   to work out differences, talk things over so as to get along with, make peace with each other (as a couple):  ittinkanoochi.   to be difficult, hard to get along with, hard headed:  isbakwanha.   to be unable to get along:  ittimoklatíkko
get away  to get away from, pull away from:  ayapka
get dark  to have it get dark on one:  ontanka
get fat  to gain weight, get fat:  chobat aɬɬa
get into  to get into, be inside, be in jail (of one):  hokfa.   to have something too tight to get into or through (as clothes):  awanha
get on  to get on (someone's back or head), be located on (of one):  paayàaya.   to get on the back or top of (of one):  paalapàali
get out  to dig out, get out (one object) that is stuck in, uproot:  fitipka.   to get out of, get down, get out of a vehicle (of one):  tanatli.   to help down, help get out of a vehicle:  tanatlichi
get ready  to be ready for, ready to do something, get ready for:  imalpisa
get through  to get through with, use up:  anooli
get together  itaafoloilka.   friends, people who always get together, companions:  ittimàaska.   to gather together, get together (of several):  ittillokòoli.   to marry, be married, have in-laws, get together:  onnaaɬi.   to meet at a certain place, get together (for a meeting, ball game, etc.), assemble:  ittanahka
get up  to wake up, get out of bed, get up (from a fall) (of one):  falanka2
ghost  aatsollokchi.   spirit, soul, ghost:  sollòkchi.   to die and have the spirit walk the earth, not go to heaven:  itanakaaɬa
gift  to give (a present or gift) to, give (something in a package or container) to:  istinka
gin  cotton gin:  pakaalaaboyotlichi.   to gin (cotton):  boyotlichi
gingiva  nati aanipo
gingivitis  to have gingivitis, sore gums:  nataanipo iⁿhoopa
ginseng  aissihatka
giraffe  ittoissibíttipa
girdle  istiliitiɬifilka, istiliitiɬifkachi
girl  daughter, little girl, female baby:  tayyosi.   daughter, prepubescent girl, girlfriend:  tayyaski.   daughters, little girls:  tayyaskiha.   pretty girl:  ischipìila
girlfriend  daughter, prepubescent girl, girlfriend:  tayyaski
give  to give (something) to:  inka.   to share a piece with, give (someone) a piece of:  innachoffi.   to give (a present or gift) to, give (something in a package or container) to:  istinka
give air  to give air to:  amahlichi
give away  to give away to:  aatinka
give birth  to give birth (of an animal):  ilasaachi
give self  to give self to the Lord, be Christian (one who gives himself/herself):  ilifayli
give up  to give up bad habits:  ilifayli.   to give up (something), deny (something) to oneself (as drink, food, running around):  iliⁿhollochi
gizzards  inchakaafa.   chicken gizzards:  akaakinchakaafa
glad  to be happy, glad, pleasantly surprised:  ayokpa.   to make happy, make glad, make laugh:  istayokpachi.   to be excitedly, gladly doing something, to have a good time at:  istakano
glands  lymph glands in neck:  nokchiɬáali
glass  aayanchahka.   bottle shards, glass slivers:  ochokbabasilka.   glass container, drinking glass:  kopli2.   glass dish:  aayanchahka aayampo.   to break up, shatter glass (esp. to get pieces for bloodletting):  baslichi
glasses  eyeglasses:  ittiɬistilhicha, istilhíicha.   eyeglasses, sunglasses:  ittiɬi istintalka.   telescope, binoculars, spy glass, scope on a gun, glasses for correcting near-sightedness:  hopaaki maastilhicha.   visor, brim (of hat), sunglasses:  intalka.   to put on (eyeglasses), shade the eyes with the hand and look around:  intalli1
glisten  to give off shimmering waves of light (esp. as a heat mirage or tinfoil), shine, glisten, sparkle:  limìhkachi
gloomy  gloomy, depressed person, depressive:  aatayokíkpo
glory  morning glory flower:  niɬállòosi pakaali
glove  gloves, mittens:  ilbaɬka.   baseball glove, catcher's mitt:  pokko ispafkachi.   to put on (gloves):  aɬi1.   to wear (e.g. gloves) on the hand:  àaɬi
glow  to glow from a distance:  maahòmma
glue  glue, paste:  istinchakissa.   to cement, glue to:  inchakissachi.   to stick together, glue together (two things):  ittilapaalichi.   to stick together, glue together (more than two things):  ittilapaffichi.   to glue, cement on (as formica on top of a counter):  paachakissachi.   to cement, glue (tiles or linoleum) to the floor:  itachakissachi
gnarled  to be twisted, crooked, gnarled, curved, warped, spiraled, wrung:  pànkachi
gnat  iskanhatka
gnaw  to gnaw on, nibble on:  kaɬɬi
go  go and:  ost-.   to go (of one or two):  aɬɬa.   to go (of more than one):  amaaka.   to go (of two):  aɬɬachi.   to go, leave, disappear (of one):  nakaaɬa.   to go, leave, disappear (of more than one):  wasahka.   to go, leave, disappear, be gone (of two):  wasatka.   to go and move on, go and not stay (of one):  ostammi.   to go and settle someplace, emigrate (of more than one):  ilchiika.   to go around in (a vehicle, new clothes):  istàaya.   to go by car, drive in a car (of one):  iswaliika.   to go farther away:  hopakíhchi.   to go in a different direction from (someone):  iⁿfilanka.   to go past each other, pass by each other going in opposite directions:  ittootamatli.   to go along (in water):  ilakomayli.   to go to the bathroom:  osɬoyka, maatàaya.   to be gone, absent, away:  nákkàaɬa.   to go every which way, go somewhere and move on (of more than one) (as the way the wind blows):  ossofka.   to be still gone, away:  nakáaɬa.   to want to go, beg to go:  chiliita.   to want to go with or be with, beg someone to allow to go with (though he doesn't want one along):  inchiliita.   to go down steps, get down, get out of a vehicle (of one):  tanatli.   to go on a certain way:  istaɬɬa
go across  to cross over, go across:  abanatli
go after  to go after (one object), go get:  ostisi, ostistisi.   to go after (someone at a distance), chase after:  maaɬohli.   to track, go after, seek, stalk:  ayosli
goal  goal posts:  ittolokòoli.   stickball goal posts:  poɬachi.   to be finished doing, to have achieved a goal:  anooka, anoska
go along  to go along by the side of (esp. a creek bank) (of one):  islapàali.   to go along covering with dirt (of more than one):  maastonkaffichi
go around  to circle around, go around once:  atanatka2.   to come around from behind something, go around behind something (of one):  imatanatka.   to encircle, be around, go around (once or of one):  apakfotli, atanahka2.   to encircle with (something), go around with:  istapakfotka.   to go around, be there, be around, be located at a place (of one or two):  àaya.   to go around once, circle around once, encircle, surround:  maatatanatka.   to go around together (more than four):  ittanòwwa.   to put around, go around with (one object) repeatedly:  atanatlichi
goat  chowwaata
goatweed  hasaalapo
go away  to go away and not come back, stay away:  istonafayli
go back  to return, go back, come back (of one):  ɬoyka
go backwards  to back up, go backwards (of one):  ibakhititli, ibakhitli.   to push backwards, make go backwards:  ibakhititlichi, ibakhitlichi
gobble  to gobble (as a turkey):  kaloklohka
go crazy  to be crazy, go crazy, act wild:  kostìnko
God  Abàalichókkòoli, Abàalimikko, Abáskichókkòoli.   God, Jesus:  Abàalichókkòoli imililla íkso.   preacher, minister, spiritual leader, God:  ookalasa.   to have God's grace:  ayyihoochi
go down  to descend, come down, go down, land:  tanatli, maatanatli.   to go down (of more than one):  maatanahli.   to go down any incline or over a vertical drop (of one):  ootanatli.   to go down (of the sun):  hasi ootammi
go far  to go far from someone:  iⁿhopakiichi.   to go farther away (from somewhere):  iⁿhopáhki
go get  to go get, go after (one object):  maatisi.   to reach for, take away, go get, go after (one object in a container):  maastisi
go home  to disperse, scatter, all go home, break up a meeting:  aamatka
go in between  to go in between, fit in between, stand in between (in a line) (of one):  samatli
go into  to go into, enter (of one):  chokkaliika, chokkahka, chokkàaka
gold  penny, gold coin:  toknaawalaana.   to be gold colored, shiny:  laanat aɬaplihchi.   to be yellow, orange, brown, gold, beige, pink:  laana
golden eagle  talakto
goldfish  sunfish, bream, goldfish:  patassi
go look for  to go look for:  maawihli
gone  to be gone (of more than one):  wasaawòoka.   to be all gone, finished up, used up, be lacking, be out of a supply:  anooka, anoska.   to be lacking on top, missing on top, gone on top:  paayíkso.   to be (still) gone (of two):  wássatka
gonorrhea  any venereal disease, esp. gonorrhea:  yokbi
good  easily, well:  iskano.   good person:  aatikàano.   good behavior:  nokchóobatilka.   what one says if something tastes very good:  amm! kanobi!.   to be good, pretty, well, fine:  kano.   to be good:  chookma.   to be good, charitable, or kind to a person:  ayokpáalòssi.   to be good for someone, all right for:  inkano.   to be good to, be charitable to, comfort:  ayokpali.   to be kind, nice, good:  alíila.   to be better, best:  káhno.   to be doing good work, make someone feel good, make someone feel excited (as a good musician):  istakanoochi.   to have (food) taste good to one:  inchampoli.   to have something fit well, have suit one, have look good on one:  istimalíila, istimálpìisa.   to make feel good:  imonkachi.   to taste good, taste sweet:  champoli
goodbye  tá!
good-looking  ilhicha kano
goodness  oh, no! oh, shoot! darn! oh, heck! oh, my goodness!:  híhha
good time  happiness, fun, good time, party:  ayolikpa
gooey  to be gooey, moist and sticky, slimy (as paste, a wet clay road, a fish, etc.):  chakissa
go off  to go off (of an explosion), crash (of thunder), burst open once:  tokafka
go on  to keep on, keep doing, continue, go on a certain way:  aɬíina
goose  goose, swan:  salakla.   gosling, cygnet:  salaklasi
go out  to burn out, go out (of a fire or light):  laboska.   to go out, get out of, exit:  assaliika, askahka
gopher  chokbahta.   gopher hill, gopher den:  chokbahta iⁿhini
gopher snake  chintopatha, chinto isbakpàtha, isbakpàtha
go pick up  to go pick up (something) and bring back, fetch:  oswihli
gore  to stick, gore with the horns or antlers (once):  bisipka
go see  to go see about, go to see:  oshicha
gosling  salaklasi
gossip  píilanaaɬiilka.   gossip (talk):  naaɬiikachi.   gossiper:  aatnaaɬìika, aatnaaɬiilìichi.   to talk about or gossip about someone:  naaɬiilichi.   to talk about one another, gossip about each other:  ittinnaaɬiilichi
go through  to go through (a hole as in a fence), step into (a hole) (of one):  ɬibitli.   to go through to the end:  istittaɬopotli, ittaɬopotli
go to bed  to go to bed with:  apoɬka, apoɬòoka
go under  to go under, crawl under:  nottakonotli, ittakonotli.   to dive under water, go under water, submerge once:  okhaboska
go up  to ascend, rise, take off (as an airplane), go up:  abahlichi
gourd  kochi.   gourd or turtleshell rattle:  kochiba
gourd dance  kochibitka.   gourd dance song:  kochibitka talilwa
govern  to be a leader, be a guide:  hínnàata
go with  to go with:  ilasaachi.   to go with, accompany, date:  achakki
go wrong  to have plans go wrong, be interfered with:  istimpìila
grab  to hold, catch, grab:  tabatka.   to grab, hold, catch, pull (one object):  halatka.   to grab at (something in a container):  ostistisi.   to be grabbing:  támbatka
grace  to have God's grace:  ayyihoochi
grade  slant, grade in a road:  bokko
graduate  to graduate (of one):  istanooli.   to be a graduate:  holisso sobáyli
grain  to clear grain of chaff:  chanaɬbachi.   to winnow grain, sift with a basket, fan grain:  immaska
grained  to be fine-grained, fine in texture (of material) (as silk, chiffon, voile):  tapaski
Grancy graybeard  aatichòoba ichokhiska, nita imìlpa
grandchild  ipokòosi
granddaughter  ipokitàyyi, ipokòostayyi
grandfather  awo, fósi.   grandfather, greatgrandfather:  awochòoba.   greatgrandfather:  fóssòoba
grandmother  áapo, chíppo.   grandmother, greataunt, forebear, female ancestor:  áapochòoba.   greataunt, greatgrandmother, oldest sister of one's mother:  kóossòoba.   greatgrandmother:  chíppochòoba
grandson  ipokinaani
grape  grape, raisin:  baɬka.   black grape:  baɬkalocha.   species of wild grape:  sawimbaɬka.   wild grape vine:  baɬkapihchi.   grape juice:  baɬkokchi
grapefruit  lemon, grapefruit, sour orange:  yalàahakaskaha
grasp  to take hold of in the hand, grasp, wrestle:  chitiika
grass  hassi.   bermuda grass, crabgrass, motor grass:  hassipatàaka, hassiwànha.   dry grass for kindling fires and stuffing mattresses:  hastalpo.   dry grass used for kindling fires:  hasaalapo.   grass sp.:  ɬaɬo imaissi.   species of tall grass:  hassihommachi.   yucca, bear grass:  tosìina istatakka
grassburrs  hassihalokpa
grass fire  forest fire, grass fire:  assikba, hassikba
grasshopper  hataffo.   large grasshopper:  hatokhàapli
grate  cattle guard, grate across road preventing entry of cattle:  waakistimataakachi.   to grate:  miɬihlichi.   to break off, scrape off, grate:  ismiɬoffi.   to be grated:  miɬihkachi
grater  isbotooka, ismiɬihkachi
gratis  to be free, gratis (not cost anything):  piila
grave  grave, cemetery:  ihaani
gravel  talchossi, talisawwa.   gravel, small stone or rock, pebble:  talosi.   gravelly land:  talchossibáana, talosi báanafayya ihaani
gravemarker  ihaanifa inchokòoli, ihaanifa iⁿhachàali
graveyard  aatilli istìisa, ihaanisnàaho
gravy  tiliko istoochihbi.   to burn (of gravy):  istookilaaya
gray  white or gray hair:  hissihatka.   to be gray:  istokhatka.   to be gray (especially of an animal, such as a Brahma bull):  bafko.   to be gray-haired:  hatka
graze  to graze on (of animals):  kopli1
grease  fat, grease, oil:  nikóobihchi.   grease, oil, lard, shortening:  nitokchi.   heavy oil or grease, lubricant:  istinnikoobi.   to grease, get grease on:  innikoobichi.   to grease, oil, season (food) with grease:  istinnikoobichi.   to grease (the hair) (esp. with bear grease), waterproof the feathers with body oil (of fowl):  ilaksoopka2.   to anoint (the hair), grease (hair), pomade:  aksoopka.   to get grease on the floor:  itanikoobichi
greasy  to be greasy:  nikoobi.   to get greasy:  nikoobichi.   to have a possession greased or lubricated, get a possession greasy:  iminnikoobichi
greataunt  grandmother, greataunt, forebear, female ancestor:  áapochòoba.   greataunt, greatgrandmother, oldest sister of one's mother:  kóossòoba
great blue heron  wakhachàaha
greatgrandfather  fóssòoba.   grandfather, great-grandfather:  awochòoba
greatgrandmother  chíppochòoba.   greataunt, greatgrandmother, oldest sister of one's mother:  kóossòoba
greed  ayaalbi.   greedy person:  ayàabi.   stinginess, greed:  iyihotilka.   to be greedy:  istayaabi.   to be greedy about something:  ayaabi.   to be selfish, greedy, stingy:  iyiho.   to act greedy, stingy, selfish:  istiloyhachi.   to be greedier:  ayáhbi
green  ittoissi okchakkoyáhchi.   green, immature, unripe:  wakìiyo.   to be green, not ripe (as any tender vegetable or fruit):  okcháako.   to be blue, green, purple, violet, in the blue-green spectrum:  okchakko.   to make blue, green, or purple (with dye, paint, etc.):  okchakkochi
green bean  chastokalbiɬa
greenbrier  bakcho hollo, bakchokchako, kanta
green corn  chassokcháako, chassitiɬkachi.   green corn cornbread:  chassokcháako paspa
green corn dance  chassokcháako bitka
green hornet  fofchòkba
green onion  kosòoma hissi okchákko, kosòoma hissi okchákkoya ilpa
green pea  chastokokcháako
greens  collard greens:  hissihopàtha.   turnip or mustard greens:  assikchìlpa
green snake  chintokchákkosi
greet  to greet warmly (e.g. with a hug):  ayokpali
grief  to be sad about, be mournful, be apologetic, have regrets about, feel grief:  imachiiba
grill  barbecue grill, barbecue pit:  nipo aayaboska.   to barbecue, grill over a fire, roast:  abosli, italahpachi, itayikbachi
grimace  to wrinkle the face by squinting, frowning, or grimacing:  ilibiichokyohlichi
grimy  to be grimy, dirty (all over), sloppy:  talaami
grin  to smile, grin:  afaaka
grind  miller, person who grinds:  botòoli.   ground meat:  nipobotooka.   pole for grinding corn:  kistapi.   front molar, grinding tooth:  natiskachàaka, natiskaɬka.   to grind:  botooli.   to grind (the teeth):  wotòolichi.   to grind up fine, crush to powder, pulverize:  liphachi.   to pound, pulverize, grind with a pestle:  hochi.   to be pounded, ground up:  hoska, botooka, holchi.   to be finely ground (of meal), powdery:  possi
grinding stone  isbotooka, ishalokpa
grist mill  corn mill, grist mill:  chassaabotòoli
grits  any food such as rice or grits that absorbs water as it is cooked:  asolotka
groan  to squeak, creak, screech, crackle or groan (e.g. of trees in a wind):  wachàalichi
grocery  grocery store:  oolimpa ischoopa
groin  area between the legs, groin, genitals:  obittaltàala
groom  bridegroom:  naani itaafolòoka
ground  land, ground, country:  ihaani.   close to the ground, near to the ground or roots of a tree:  yíkchi.   deep gully, canyon, big hole in the ground:  ihankolokbi.   to clear ground (for building, etc.):  itachakli.   to dig, drill into the ground:  saffi.   to sit on the floor, sit on the ground (of one):  itachokòoli.   to ground (a child):  nokchobaachi
ground rattler  alba, ihaanikosi
group  collection, group, gathering:  istállàaka.   to meet, gather, organize as a group:  lokòoli
grouse  nita iwwaslichi
grove  grove, little wooded area, stand of trees:  aboolòosi, aposa, istalàaka
grow  to grow bigger:  chóoba.   to grow in business sales:  chobat aɬɬa.   to grow out (of hair or grass):  maahobaski.   to grow (something), grow (a beard):  olfachi.   to grow (something) to maturity:  waayachi.   to grow up, gain growth:  chobat aɬɬa.   to lengthen, let (the hair) grow long:  baskichi.   to be overgrown with weeds, grown over, grown up:  olahna
grow back  to grow back in (of hair or grass):  maatolfa
grower  waayàachi
growl  fussing, quarreling, growling:  akayihatilka.   to growl:  akayiha.   to fuss at, growl at:  imakayiha.   to have the stomach growl, grumble:  ikfik imola
growth  waayatilka
grub  grub, beetle larva:  saklichi ochoski.   large grub, beetle larva:  saksámpa.   large white grub species, prob. pine beetle grub used for fishing:  okyaali.   sawyer beetle, black beetle, sawyer worm, pine beetle larva, small pine bark grub:  saklichi
grudge  to be angry at someone, hold a grudge against, be provoked by:  iⁿhasaaya
gruel  gruel, broth from boiled corn:  afolka.   sofkey:  hoɬka
grumble  to fuss, complain, grumble:  akayiha.   to have the stomach growl, grumble:  ikfik imola, ikfi imaksobaachi
grunt  to moan, sigh, grunt (in pain):  ahoomi.   to snort, oink, grunt:  ɬokɬoⁿhka.   to snort (esp. in derision), heave a sigh of disgust, grunt:  kifahka
guard  cattle guard, grate across road preventing entry of cattle:  waakistimataakachi.   to care for, watch over, babysit, guard:  ahíicha, ahíina.   to guard in basketball:  imataaka.   to be looking after, keeping watch over, guarding:  áhhìicha
guess  to wonder about, think about, guess at, worry about:  áalo
guest  to keep (guests) overnight:  isaachi
guide  leader, guide:  hinàata.   leading, guiding, guidance:  hinaalta.   to be a leader, be a guide:  hínnàata.   to guide, lead (someone):  iⁿhinaata.   to guide, lead somewhere:  maaɬakkila
guides  tent guides:  istimmaapilka
guinea fowl  chokàⁿhka.   to cluck as a guinea fowl:  chookachookachooka
guinea hen  chokàⁿkkatàyyi
gully  gully, ravine, canyon:  kolokbi.   deep gully, canyon, big hole in the ground:  ihankolokbi
gulp  to eat like a pig, gulp or slurp food:  istokɬolohka
gum  sweetgum tree:  yassaako.   blackgum tree, black tupelo, prob. also water tupelo:  kosapa.   water tupelo, tupelo gum:  okifa itto, yassaakohatka.   chewing gum:  yassaako
gums  gums, gingiva:  nati aanipo.   to have gingivitis, sore gums:  nataanipo iⁿhoopa
gun  bow, gun, rifle, shotgun, blowgun:  bihi2.   blowgun:  bihipofilka, iɬanibihi, iɬani isholitcha.   double-barreled shotgun:  bihipokta.   machine gun, automatic gun:  bihitokaalisnámpo, bihitokàalislawa.   pistol:  bihikoboksi.   thirty-thirty rifle, thirty-aught-six rifle, shotgun:  bihichoba2.   twenty-two caliber rifle:  bihosi.   hammer on a gun:  bihistimpaachakafka, bihistimpaachakka.   trigger of a gun:  bihi iⁿhalatilka.   barrel of gun:  bihi intali.   sight on a gun barrel:  bihi mastimilhicha, bihistimpaayilhicha.   bullet, ammunition shell, gun cartridge:  bihinɬaki.   blowgun dart:  bihipofilka.   shotgun shell:  ɬaksawwa.   shooting a gun, fireworks, bursting a balloon, etc.:  tokahlichi.   shooting a gun, rocket, etc.:  onahotcha.   to load a single shot into (a gun):  inɬaki istiⁿhokfi.   to load (an automatic gun or thirty-thirty rifle), load (cartridges):  inɬaki istimaapitta.   to pull (the trigger of a gun):  iⁿhalatka
gunpowder  istokaalimpossi, ɬaki impossi
gunshot  bang, sound of a gunshot:  tokafka
gurgle  to make a raspy, wheezy or gurgling noise in breathing:  ɬikihkachi
gush  to fall at a distance (of more than one), gush out, overflow, spill over:  maasofka
gut  gut string:  waakinchoswa.   to gut, dress (an animal):  intokaffi
guts  intestines, guts:  inchaabi
gymnasium  amphitheater, gymnasium:  aahompanka
gynecologist  tayyiha imalikchi
Gypsy  chipsi.   Gypsy woman:  chalakkitayyi.   gypsy, nomad:  albinàachi