chaabi intestine  AM-p
chaabistimaɬka sausage casing   [/chaabi ist-im- /aɬi-ka1]  (VC)
cháachi older same sex sibling (brother of a man, sister of a woman)  AM-p  (VC)  «Ancháachi. My older brother.»
  cháachosi  first born son, eldest brother
cháachichòoba oldest same sex sibling (brother of a man, sister of a woman)  AM-p   [/cháachi /achòoba]
cháachosi first born son, eldest brother Usage: Older word.   [/cháachi-osi]  (VC)cháachi
chaafapihchi ax handle   [/chaafa /apihchi]
chaafi ax
  chaafosi  hatchet
chaafosi hatchet   [/chaafi-osi]  (VC)chaafi
chaaftóklo double-bit ax   [/chaafi /tóklo]  (VC)
chaaha to be tall  CHA-  «Pokkotòolihaya hótchàaha. The ballplayers are of medium height.»
  chaliiha  tallness
  chakìiho Neg.
  chakíihossi Neg.  to be short
  cháhha  to be taller, tallest
  paachaaha  to be over full
chaalo trout, white bass
Chaama German person Usage: Modern word. { English}  (VC)
chaamo Var. of chahmo 
Chaanìiska Chinese person   [/chaanìis-ka3] { English}
  cháffàali  to do once, produce one
  chafaaka  to be intermittent
    chafáaⁿkàasi  to be very rare
    ischafáhkamáali  chain store
    cháffàaka  one
      cháffàakaya  other
    cháⁿhkàasi  to be only one
      incháⁿkàssi  to have only one
      macháⁿhkàssi  to be by oneself
    acháffàaka  once
  inchafàali  to get one
    incháffàaka  to have one
chafaaka to be few and far between, intermittent, singular, spaced far apart, infrequent (also used of an animal that normally has a large litter who has only one or two)   [/chafaa-ka1]  «Chasson achihlilitoon chafaakahchooti. I planted corn but they came up one here, one over there.»  «Chafáakàasiiya istállàakati. They are spaced out individually (e.g. cars in a lot, or plants).»  «Chafáakaabáanat ontihchi. They're coming one by one.»chafaa-
chafáaⁿkàasi to be very rare, uncommon, singular, the only one, unique  CHA-   [/chafaa-ka1-osi] [ngr]  «Choyyihissihobaskiya chafáaⁿkàasiya hislit áayahchi. Long-leaf pines are very rare around here.»chafaaka
cháffàaka to be one   [/chafaa-ka1] [ggr]  «Cháffàakan istissiimok cháffàakan istanka. You take one and I'll take one.»chafaaka
cháffàakaya other, the other one, another one   [/chafaa-ka1-ya] [ggr] ☞cháffàaka
cháffàali to do once, one time, produce one  -LI/3  (cháffàachi, cháffàahili, cháffàahachi)   [/chafaa-li] [ggr]  «Cháffàalin anka. Give me one of them/the other one.»  «Cháffàachi. You did it once.»  «Hocháffàalihchi. They produced one (e.g. a child).»chafaa-
chafpàtha flat ax   [/chaafi /patha]
cháhha to be taller, tallest  CHA-   [/chaaha] [hgr]  «Pokkotòolihaya hocháhhahchi. Ballplayers are real tall.»  «Nákson choyyi cháhhaama hátchàalòoliⁿ? Where is that tallest pine tree standing?»chaaha
chahmo to be lazy, bored  CHA- Var: chaamo
  chakíhmo Neg.
  chalihma  laziness
chahochahka woodpecker, speckled woodpecker Var: chaochahka
Chahta Choctaw Indian
Chahta innaaɬiilka Choctaw language   [/chahta im- /naaɬii<il>-ka1]
chakaawa  1.  cornbread, baked cornmeal  2.  to be rough, bumpy, coarse in texture  «Hinik chakaawa. The road is rough.»
  chakáawa  1.   crusty  2.   cornbread
  chakaawatilka  roughness
chakáawa  1.  to be sticky, tough and crusty (as of bread cooked wrong)  (DB) [lgr]  2.  cornbread  (VC)  «Anchakáawak paatobiila. My cornbread is burnt.»chakaawa
chakaawatilka roughness, coarseness   [/chakaawa-tilka] ☞chakaawa
chakaffi to make a sharp downward stroke; to chop at, hoe (once), hack; to peck at (once)  -LI/3  (chakafchi, chakafhili, chakafhachi)   [/chakaf-li]
  chakáfko Neg.
  inchakaffi  to hoe
    istinchakaffi  to hoe with
      istinchakafka  hoe
  noochakaffi  to behead; to cut down
  chakli  to chop (rep.)
    istinchakka  cock's spurs; beak
    itachakli  to clear ground
    onachakli  to chop down
    chakka  to be chopped
chakáfko Neg. ☞chakaffi
chakchaki1 to be slatted, have long vertical or horizontal openings as a picket fence, venetian blinds, grill, grate, vent, etc.; to be cut to a point (e.g. wood stakes or picket fence slats) {poss. reduplicated form  chak-li}  (IB)  «Holìhta chakchaki. Picket fence.»
chakchaki2 Var. of chokchoki 
chakhíkko Neg.  «Hochakhíkkot ohikhìichot onkok ɬoyóhkat ɬopòoli ɬopòolit wasatkat máamòosin ontibíikatoha. They hadn't caught up with them or found them so they turned around and passed back by them and were gone, then they went on back, so they used to say. (HCW)»chakki
chaki to be very small, tiny  CHA-
  chakosi  1.   to be tiny  2.   midget
chakíhmo Neg. ☞chahmo
chakìiho Neg. ☞chaaha
chakíihossi Neg. to be short, not tall   [/chaa<kìi>ho-osi-hchi] ☞chakìiho
chakissa to be gooey, moist and sticky, slimy (as paste, a wet clay road, a fish, etc.) (not slippery or slick)
  ichoochakissa  to have something sticky around the mouth
  istinchakissa  glue
  inchakissachi  to glue to
  itachakissachi  to glue to the floor
  paachakissa  to be sticky on top
    paachakissachi  to glue on top
chakka to be chopped  CHA-   [/chak(af)-ka1] [dsfx1]  «Ittok chakkaaso. The wood has been chopped.»chakli
chákkàako Neg. ☞chákkàali
chákkàali to be nine  -LI  (chákkàalitiska, chákkàalitilka, chákkàalitaska)   [prob. /chakaa-li] [prob. ggr]  «Chákkàalitilko. There are nine of us.»  «Pokkon onamaakáaliliiyok chákkàalin aapittalo. I threw the ball and put nine in.»
  chákkàalossi  to be only nine
  chákkàako Neg.
  chákkàalitíkko Neg.
  inchákkàali  to have nine
  ischákkàali  to be ninth, nine times
  chákkàalìichi  to make nine
chákkàalìichi to make nine, do nine times  -LI  (chákkàalìichitiska, chákkàalìichitilka, chákkàalìichitaska)   [/chákkàa-li-chi1] ☞chákkàali
chákkàalitíkko Neg. ☞chákkàali
chákkàalossi to be only nine  -LI  (chákkàalostiska, chákkàalostilka, chákkàalostaska)   [/chákkàa-li-osi-hchi]  «Chákkàalòssi? Oh, he's just nine?»chákkàali
chakki to catch up with  -LI/CHA-  (chakhiska, chakhilka, chakhaska)
  chakkitíkko Neg.
  chakhíkko Neg.
chakkitíkko Neg. ☞chakki
chakli to make sharp downward strokes, chop, hoe, hack at (plural objects or repeatedly); to peck  -LI/3  (chakchi, chakhili, chakhachi)   [/chak(af)-ka1] [dsfx1]  «Itton hocháklit nahoomok, ittiswakaykakon hotalbòolit hobaskit yáamòosikáhchon (gesture) hotalbòoliimok (gesture) ittimpòoktat howaakayòolihchoolikha. They would chop some of the logs and that's the way they would do; they would make a gadget to lift logs with, they made it about so long (three feet), and got on either side and used to lift that way. (NWK)»chakaffi
chaknaaski to be tilted, to lean to the side, slope or slant (of ground) (can be used of the head too)  CHA-
  chaknaaskitíkko Neg.
  chaknaaskichi  to lean (something) to one side
chaknaaskichi to tilt, lean (something) to one side  -LI/3  (chaknaaskichiska, chaknaaskichilka, chaknaaskichaska)  (chaknaaskichitiska, chaknaaskichitilka, chaknaaskichitaska)   [/chanaaski-chi1] ☞chaknaaski
chaknáaskit baláaka to lie on the side  -LI   [/chaknaaski-t /balaa-ka1] [lgr] ☞balàaka
chaknaaskitíkko Neg. ☞chaknaaski
chakolàati chocolate { English}
chakosi  1.  to be tiny, very small  CHA-   [/chaki-osi]  2.  midget Var: achakosi  (VC)chaki
chalakbi to be tough, hard, stiff (in texture); to be sticky; to be starched  «Mankostobatomat lapáaffiimok chalakbíimamáskat... If you don't do that (prepare the hide right), it (flesh) sticks to it and then it gets very stiff and tough. (PTH)»
  chalakbichi  to make stiff
  ichoochalakbi  to have a sticky face
  ischalakbi  starch
chalakbichi to make (something) stiff; to starch (clothing)  -LI/3  (chalakbichitiska, chalakbichitilka, chalakbichitaska)  (chalakbichiska, chalakbichilka, chalakbichaska)   [/chalakbi-chi1]  (VC)chalakbi
Chalakki Cherokee Indian Usage: Older word.
chalakkitayyi Gypsy woman   [/chalakki /tayyi]
chali to be a member of a class, belong to a group (of the speaker)   [prob. cha- -(li)] [This is the first person form used in a construction that identifies an individual as a member of the class described by the noun. The verb consists of the noncontrol pronouns prefixed to a formative -li. With nominal subjects, the predicate is the class noun followed by ooli]  «Aatok chalo. I'm an Indian.»  «Aabàachok chalihchoolikha. I used to be teacher.»  «Nàasok chali? What kind of person am I?»  «Nàasok chali amayiksamo. What's my clan? (a child asking a parent).»
  chálko Neg.
chalihma laziness, sloth   [/cha<li>hmo-a]  «Chalihmamon wíikoolo. He stays lazy.»chahmo
chaliiha tallness   [/chaa<lii>ha] ☞chaaha
chálko Neg. ☞chali
chalóoka gelatin   [/chalóo-ka3] { English `jello'}
chaɬaffi to split (one object), cut off a slice, pull two things apart  -LI/3  (chaɬafchi, chaɬafhili, chaɬafhachi)   [/chaɬaf-li] Var: choɬaffi
  chaɬáfko Neg.
  chaɬɬi  to split
    chaɬka  1.   to be sliced  2.   strip of leather
chaɬáfko Neg. ☞chaɬaffi
chaɬaɬahkachi to make a rattling noise   [/chaɬaɬah-ka1-chi2]  (VC)  «Tissanahak chaɬaɬahkáachiti. The wagon is rattling in the distance.»
  chaɬchaɬchaɬchaɬ  sound of rattling, noise of a brown thrasher
chaɬcha small, brown bird of winter and spring, poss. brown thrasher or a kind of woodpecker (?)
chaɬchachoba brown thrasher (?)   [/chaɬcha /choba]  (IB) Var: chaɬɬachòoba  (VC)
chaɬchaɬchaɬchaɬ the sound of rattling  (VC) ; noise of a brown thrasher before dark  (DB)chaɬaɬahkachi
chaɬka  1.  to be split, sliced   [/chaɬ(af)-ka1]  2.  strip of leather, leather thongchaɬɬi
chaɬɬachòoba Var. of chaɬchachoba 
chaɬɬi to split (plural objects or repeatedly), cut off slices  -LI/3  (chaɬchi, chaɬhili, chaɬhachi)   [/chaɬ(af)-li] [dsfx1] Neg: cháɬko Var: choɬɬichaɬaffi
chamàalichi to clink, tinkle, jingle, make a clanging noise of something against metal, make a ringing noise, clank, clatter (may refer to the sound of clattering shingles, rattling dishes, coins in the pocket, any small bell, but not a large bell as a church bell)  -LI/3  (chamàachichi, chamàahilichi, chamàahachichi)   [/chamaa-li-chi1]  «Mahlok íisa ispaatalkan chamàalichiimoolo. The wind is clattering the shingles.»  «Chamàalichiimoolo. They (the pots and pans) are clanging a lot.»chamàaya
chamàaya to clang, ring, bang (of metal objects), clatter, jingle   [prob. /chamaa-a] [fgr]  «Ispaatalkak chamàayan háaloliti mahlifòokon. I heard the shingles clattering in the wind.»
  chamàalichi  to make a jingling sound
    ischamàalichi  to cause something to jingle
  chamchamchamcham  sound of clanging
  chamamahkachi  to rattle
chamamahkachi to rattle, esp. of something metal   [/chamamah-ka1-chi1] {poss. reduplicated form of chamàaya} ☞chamàaya
chamchakosi to be speckled  CHA-  (DB)
chamchamchamcham clang clang clang, the sound of clanging against metal  (VC)chamàaya
champóhli to be sweeter   [/champoli] [hgr] ☞champoli
champolapihchi sugar cane, cane sugar   [/champoli /apihchi]
champoli  1.  sugar, candy, a sweet, (something) tasty, sweetness; diabetes  «Champolik chahoopachihchi. Diabetes makes me sick.»  «Champolik chahoopachaoⁿsi. I'm a borderline diabetic.»  2.  to taste good, taste sweet  «California Mixkak champoliimon ipaliimoolo. California Mix tastes good so I eat too much.»  «Paspaya champoliimoolo. The bread tastes real good.»  «Champolihchi? Is it sweet?»  «Chámpolihchi. It's very sweet.»  «Ya ilpa ya ilpa yakchiyok champoliiyóot ishohochifaton ommitooli? This food, the yakchi, is it because it tastes so good that they called it that? (NWK)»
  champólko Neg.
  champóolostíkko Neg.
  champòoli  to be sweet
  inchampoli  1.   to like the taste of  2.   to have diabetes  3.   sweetheart
    inchampòoli  to have a sweet tooth
  champoliichi  to sweeten
  champóhli  to be sweeter
  champóoⁿlossi  to be very sweet
  ichoochampoli  to have a sweet taste in the mouth
  champóolihchi  anything sweet
champolibomboki jawbreakers, round hard candy   [/champoli /bomboki]
champolibonotka jawbreaker candy   [/champoli /bonot-ka1]  (VC)
champoliichi to sweeten  -LI/3  (champoliichiska, champoliichilka, champoliichaska)  (champoliitiska, champoliitilka, champoliitaska)   [/champoli-chi1] ☞champoli
champolilaana brown sugar   [/champoli /laana]
champolisàncho granulated sugar   [/champoli /sancho] [fgr] Var: champolisáncho
champolisankachi candy cane, stick candy   [/champoli /san-ka1-chi1]
champolisoⁿilka sugar cane, cane sugar   [/champoli /som<hil>-ka1]
champólko Neg.  «Oolimpak champólkoti. The food tasted bad.»champoli
champolokchi honey; syrup (cane, maple, chocolate, etc.); molasses   [/champoli /okchi]  (VC)
champolokchi hatka corn syrup   [/champoli /okchi /hat-ka1]
champòoli to be sweet   [/champoli] [fgr]  «Champóolihchi? Is it sweet?»  «Champòolihchi. It's sweet.»  «Akkàaylok nàasok champòolilaakkàaba. That doesn't look like it's going to taste good.»  «Akkàaylok nàasok champòolilaókkokáhcho. That doesn't look like it's going to taste good.»champoli
champóolihchi anything sweet (as a sweet drink like lemonade, coke, etc.)   [/champoli-hchi] [lgr]  (VC)champoli
champóolostíkko Neg.   [/champoli-osi-tíkko] ☞champoli
champóoⁿlossi to be just a little sweet   [/champoli-osi-hchi] ☞champoli
chanahki  1.  vertebra, backbone  2.  to be skinny, boney  CHA-  (DB)  «Chichanáhkòosit. You're real skinny.»
  paachanahki  1.   backbone  2.   to be very skinny
chanaɬba to be cleared of chaff, culled
  chanaɬbachi  to clear grain of chaff
chanaɬbachi to clear grain of chaff, separate out chaff, cull  -LI/3  (chanaɬbachiska, chanaɬbachilka, chanaɬbachaska)  (chanaɬbachitiska, chanaɬbachitilka, chanaɬbachitaska)   [/chanaɬba-chi1] ☞chanaɬba
cháⁿhkàasi to be only one, the only one  CHA-   [prob. /chafaaka-osi] [poss. ngr]  «Cháⁿhkastik istalpiiso. One of them is enough.»  «Ano chachaⁿhkàssi. I'm the only one.»  «Chaⁿhkàssok annàahobi màamin chimpaɬatlaaho. I only have one but I'll split it with you.»  «Kowaɬɬit batatka chaⁿhkastík? Break them with just one swat, huh? (NHN)»chafaaka
chanóofa Var. of chiniifa 
chaochahka Var. of chahochahka 
chàpka chops (cracked corn to feed chickens)   [/chàp-ka3] { English}
    ischasàalichi  to make something rattle
    chasàakachi  to rattle (with the whole body)
  inchasàaya  rattlesnake's rattle
chasàakachi to be the sound of rattling, crackling   [/chasàa-ka1-chi2] ☞chasàalichi
chasàalichi to rattle, make a rattling noise (of a snake), rustle, make a rustling noise  -LI  (chasàachichi, chasàahilichi, chasàahachichi)   [/chasàa-li-chi2] ☞chasàa-
chasbotòoka cornmeal   [/chassi /botoo-ka1]
chasbotòoka afolka cornmeal mush   [/chassi /botoo-ka1 /afol-ka1]
chasbotòoka paspa cornbread   [/chassi /botoo-ka1 /paspa]
chaschámpoli sweet corn   [/chassi /champoli]
chaschilohka to shell corn  -LI   [/chassi /chiloh-ka1] ☞chilohka
chasfilakchi Var. of chassifilakchi 
chasfosli to strip corn husks, shuck corn  -LI   [/chassi /fos-li] ☞fosli
chashalokpa old type of corn with stickers in it that is difficult to shuck  Cul: VC used to see it when he was a boy, but it is not seen today.    [/chassi /halokpa]  (VC)
chashissi Var. of chassihissi 
chaskowaski corn, Indian corn  Cul: Usual corn for making sofkey, it is spotted blue, black, etc.    [/chassi /?]
chassaabotòoli corn mill, grist mill   [/chassi aa- /botoo-li]
chassaachikìika corn crib   [/chassi aa- /chikìi-ka1] [fgr]
chassachihka field of corn   [/chassi /achih-ka1]  (VC)
chassaffakchi corn husks, corn shucks   [/chassi /affakchi]
chassapayka parched corn   [/chassi /apay-ka1]
chassapayka hoɬka roasted corn sofkey   [/chassi /apay-ka1 /hoɬka]  (VC)
chassapayka hoɬka toba roasted corn used to make sofkey   [/chassi /apay-ka1 /hoɬka /toba]  (VC)
chassapayli to parch corn, roast corn  -LI   [/chassi /apay-li] ☞apayli
chassapi corncob   [/chassi /api]  (VC)
chassapihchi corncob; corn stalk   [/chassi /apihchi]
chassi corn; corn kernel
chassibitka corn dance   [/chassi /bit-ka1]  (VC)
chassichoba hoɬka sofkey made from whole corn kernels   [/chassi /choba /hoɬka]
chassichokhiska corn silk; corn tassel  (VC)   [/chassi /ichokhiska]
chassifilakchi roasting ears, boiled corn   [/chassi /filakchi] Var: chasfilakchi
chassihissi corn shucks, husks, corn leaves   [/chassi /hissi] Var: chashissi
chassimiisa corncrib, barn   [/chassi im- /iisa]  (VC)
chassimpallíkchi corn chaff, corn hull   [/chassi im- /pallìkchi]
chassipokta double or twin ear of corn  Cul: It is said that young girls should avoid eating double ears of corn or they will produce twins when they grow up.    [/chassi /pokta]  (IB)
chassisokha corn, white corn, a very white Indian corn (variety not seen today)  Cul: Kind of corn to make hominy from.    [/chassi /sokha]
chassisolotka corn chip   [/chassi /solot-ka1]
chassitiɬkachi creamed corn; green corn, fresh corn   [/chassi /tiɬ-ka1-chi2] Var: chastiɬkachi
chassitokàali popcorn   [/chassi /toka<h>f-li] [fgr] Var: chastokàali Var: chastokahli  (VC)
chassiwwoksi corn silk   [/chassi im- /woksi]
chassokcháako green corn   [/chassi /okcháako]
chassokcháako bitka green corn dance   [/chassi /okcháako /bit-ka1]  (VC)
chassokcháako paspa green corn cornbread   [/chassi /okcháako /paspa]
chassolbi Var. of chassoolbi 
chassoochiika corncake   [/chassi oo- /chii-ka1]
chassoolbi hominy   [/chassi /oolbi] Var: chassolbi
chastiɬkachi Var. of chassitiɬkachi 
chastokàali Var. of chassitokàali 
chastokaffakchi hómma purple hull peas   [/chastoki /affakchi /homma]
chastokaffakchi locha purple hull peas; black beans   [/chastoki /affakchi /locha]  (VC)
chastokalbiɬa pole beans, green beans   [/chastoki /a<l>biɬ-a]  (VC)
chastokchoba crowder peas   [/chastoki /choba]  (VC)
chastokhátkasi navy beans; cream peas   [/chastoki /hat-ka1-osi]
chastokhobaski long peas (has pods about two feet long)   [/chastoki ho- /baski]  (VC)
chastokholísso speckled peas, field peas   [/chastoki /ho<li>sso] Var: chastokholìsso  (DB)
chastokhómma pinto beans; red beans, kidney beans   [/chastoki /homma]  (VC)
chastokhopàtha butter beans; lima beans   [/chastoki ho- /patha]  (VC) Var: chastokpàtha  (DB) Var: chastokhopátha  (VC)
chastokhopáthachoba large lima beans   [/chastoki ho- /patha /choba]  (VC)
chastokhopátha hàtka white butter beans; baby lima beans   [/chastoki ho- /patha /hat-ka1] Var: chastokhopàtha hàtka  (VC)
chastokhopátha holìsso speckled butter beans; striped lima beans   [/chastoki ho- /patha] Var: chastokhopàtha holìsso  (VC)
chastokhopáthasi baby lima beans   [/chastoki ho- /patha-osi]  (VC)
chastoki beans, peas
chastokibitka bean dance   [/chastoki /bit-ka1]  (VC)
chastoki inchokbilocha black-eyed peas, cowpea   [/chastoki im- /chokbi /locha]  (VC)
chastoki ischokòoli bush beans   [/chastoki ist- /chokoo-li]  (VC) Var: chastokissokoli Var: issokoli  (DB)
chastokissokoli Var. of chastoki ischokòoli 
chastokistabiɬilka bean pole   [/chastoki ist- /abiɬi<il>ka1]  (VC)
chastokittiɬlocha black-eyed peas, cowpea   [/chastoki /ittiɬi /locha]
chastokkotáaka snap beans   [/chastoki /kota(f)-ka1]  (VC)
chastokɬolotli string beans   [/chastoki /ɬolot-li]  (VC)
chastokokcháako green peas   [/chastoki /okcháako]  (VC)
chastokokchi bean juice
chastokolfa bean sprout
chastokpàtha Var. of chastokhopàtha 
chayaali Var. of chiyahli 
chayahli Var. of chiyahli 
cháyyàali Var. of chíyyàali 
chekka check { English}
chichoba horse; sawhorse  «Chichobok walíikaasin. The horse is trotting.»  (VC)
chichoba bàki istiⁿhalàilka buggy tracks   [/chichoba /baki ist-im- /hala<h>t<il>-ka1]  (VC)
chichobabitka horse dance   [/chichoba /bit-ka1]
chichobabitka talilwa horse dance song   [/chichoba /bit-ka1 /ta<li>lwa]
chichobahissi horse's mane   [/chichoba /hissi]  (VC)
chichoba ichoohokfa Var. of chichobichoohokfa 
chichoba ichookfa Var. of chichobichoohokfa 
chichoba imaayilpa horse feed trough   [/chichoba im-aa-il- /ipa]  (VC)
chichoba imaayisilka horse water trough   [/chichoba im-aa- /isko-ilka]  (VC)
chichoba imaayittimaliyya horserace track   [/chichoba im-aa-itti- /ima<li>yya]  (VC)
chichoba imaayoolimpa pasture, meadow   [/chichoba im-aa- /oo<li>mpa]
chichoba imiisa shade shelter for horses   [/chichoba im- /iisa]  (VC)
Chichoba Imoola Horse Pen Creek  Cul: Old settlement near Woodville.    [/chichoba im- /oola]  (IB)
chichoba iⁿholihta horse corral   [/chichoba im- /holihta]  (VC)
chichoba ischifilka spurs   [/chichoba ist- /chif<il>-ka1]  (VC)
chichoba istimmánkasi shetland pony   [/chichoba ist-im- /mami-ka1-osi]
chichoba istiⁿhalailka reins, tethers   [/chichoba ist-im- /hala<h>t<il>-ka1]  (VC)
chichoba istiⁿhalatilka rein, tether   [/chichoba ist-im- /halat<il>-ka1]
chichoba istiⁿwwaatali harness   [/chichoba ist-im- /wata(a)-li]  (VC)
chichoba iyyaksi horse hoof and shoes   [/chichoba /iyyaksi]  (VC)
chichoba kachàali horsefly   [/chichoba /kacha(ɬ)-li]  (IB)
chichobalamlaki zebra   [/chichoba /lamlaki]  (VC)
chichobaɬahkachi zebra   [/chichoba /ɬah-ka1-chi2]  (VC)
chichobamaɬàtli mustang, wild horse   [/chichoba /maɬat-li]  (VC)
chichoba oki imaayisilka horse water trough   [/chichoba /oki im-aa- /isko-ilka]  (VC)
chichobapaapoksi camel   [/chichoba paa- /poksi]  (VC)
chichobasi colt, pony; small sawhorse  (IB)   [/chichoba-osi]
chichobichoohokfa horse bridle, bit and headstall   [/chichoba ichoo- /hokfa] Var: chichoba ichoohokfa Var: chichoba ichookfa  (VC)
chichobimilpa horse feed; hay, fodder   [/chichoba im-il- /(i)pa]
chichobimilpaɬka feed bag   [/chichoba im-il- /(i)pa /aɬi-ka1]  (VC)
chichobiⁿwwatàaka harness   [/chichoba im- /wata-ka1]  (VC)
chichobittimayya horserace   [/chichoba itti- /imayya]  (VC)
chichobiwwilo horseshoe   [/chichoba im- /wilo]
chifíkko Neg. ☞chifka
chifipíkko Neg. ☞chifipka
chifipka  1.  to poke, hit, kick (for instance, to see if something is dead) (once/one object)  -LI/CHA-  (chifipiska, chifipilka, chifipaska)   [/chifip-ka1]  2.  to trip; to be tripped by an object  CHA-; 3/CHA-  «Chachifipko. I tripped.»  «Ittassikchik chachifipko. The root tripped me.»  «Nàasok chachifípkan chatammo. Something tripped me and I fell down.»
  chifipíkko Neg.
  inkowàasan ischifipka  to jab with the elbow (once)
  istiliichifipka  to trip over (once)
  chifka  to trip, poke (pl. obj. or rep.)
    chifíkko Neg.
    ischifilka  spurs; glass slivers
    istinchifka  to poke (someone) with
    itachifka  to poke (a fire) repeatedly
      itachifoka Imp.
      istitachifka  to poke (a fire) with repeatedly
        istitachifilka  fire poker
        istitachifkachi  fire poker
chifka to poke, hit, kick (plural objects or repeatedly); to give friendly nudges in the ribs  -LI/CHA-  (chifiska, chifilka, chifaska)   [/chif(ip)-ka1] [dsfx1] Neg: chifíkko ☞chifipka
chihbi to be thick, dense, deep; to be calloused
  chikíhbo Neg.  to be thin
  chíhbi  to be thicker
  chihbichi  1.   to thicken  2.   to lie thick
    istoochihbichi  to thicken with
  chihbiliichi  to be getting thicker
  istoochihbi  a type of thick stew
chíhbi to be thicker   [/chihbi] [hgr] ☞chihbi
chihbichi  1.  to thicken, make thicker  -LI/3  (chihbichiska, chihbichilka, chihbichaska)  (chihbichitiska, chihbichitilka, chihbichitaska)   [/chihbi-chi1]  2.  to lie thick (of snow), be a heavy snowfall  «Hipliiyok chihbicho. The snow is getting thicker.»chihbi
chihbiliichi to be getting thicker and thicker (esp. of snow)   [/chihbi-(lii)-chi1 (?)] [the -lii- is not a regular formative]  «Chihbiliicho. It (the snow) is getting thicker and thicker.»  «Anchihbiliichi. Mine (my yard with leaves and trash, my hair, etc.) is getting thicker and thicker.»chihbi
chihkafo common sassafras  Cul: Sassafras root is boiled to make a sweet-tasting tea that is said to be good for the blood. The root can be boiled with the head-bones of a hog to make yakchi.  Var: chíhkafo  (DB)
  chiili  to set down
    chìiko Neg.
    ilchiili  to resettle someone
    ittapaachiili  to pile up
      ittapaachiika  to be piled up
    oochiili  to put (pl. obj.) down in something
      oochiika  to have been put down in liquid
    chiika  foundation blocks
    ischíika  planted row
    iisa inchiili  to lay a foundation for
  chiika  to take a seat (pl.)
    chìika  to be sitting (pl.)
    chiíkko Neg.
    chiihoka Imp.
    ilchiika  to emigrate
    oochiika  to sit down in something
    paachìika  to sit on top of
chíi look! Var: chíiⁿ  (DB)
chiichi penis Usage: Euphemism, nursery word.  AM-p
chiihoka Imp. ☞chiika2
chiika1 foundation blocks   [/chii-ka1] ☞chiili1
chiika2 to sit, take a seat, settle down (of several)  -LI  (-, chiihilka, chiihaska)   [/chii-ka1] [Irr: SgStem=chokòoli; PclStem=chikìika] Neg: chiíkko  «Chiikat àayataka nákson iishachinkáanoomok. Have a seat, anywhere you want.»chii-
chìika the letter `Ch'   [/chii-ka3]
chìika1 to be sitting, seated, settled (of several) Usage: For some, no distinction made among the nonsingular forms.  -LI  (-, chìihilka, chìihaska)   [/chii-ka1] [fgr] [Irr: SgStem=chókkòoli; PclStem=chíkkìika] ☞chiika2
chiíkko Neg. ☞chiika2
chìiko Neg. ☞chiili1
chiili1 to set down, seat, lay down, put down (plural objects); to park (cars)  -LI/CHA-  (chiichi, chiihili, chiihachi)   [/chii-li] [Irr: SgStem=chokòoli; PclStem=chikìili] Neg: chìiko  «Naho ifan píila sáhtik oiⁿɬàakohchon chofkonin kanòochit oinchiilihchootoha homankan háalolihchootook onkalo. And they don't throw them down to the dogs just any old way, but would lay the bones down carefully they said, that's what I've heard. (NHN)»  «Hochiili. They park cars (have valet parking).»chii-
chiili2 Var. of chili 
chíiⁿ Var. of chíi 
chìiska cheese { English}   [/chìis-ka3]
chíiskokko robin
  chíiskokoko  sound of a robin
chíiskokoko the sound a robin makes  (VC)chíiskokko
chíka first born son; older brother Usage: Hypocoristic nickname.  «`Chíka' homankatok onáahchi, Fulti. They still call Fulton (Battise) `Chíka'»  «Mikkoya ifonooskihamok `Chìka' homankahchi. The chief's sisters call him `Chika'»  (VC)  «Anchíka. My older brother.»
  chíkasi  first born baby son
chíkasi first born baby son   [/chíka-osi]  (VC)chíka
chikhito type of small rattlesnake, about 12 inches long with spots on its back  Cul: Also called `rattlesnake's nephew'  Var: chikhitosi  (DB)
chikíhbo Neg. to be thin, watery, not thickchihbi
  chikìili  to settle, put away
    chikìiko Neg.
    iisinchiika inchikìili  to lay foundations
    paachikìili  to lay down (pl. obj.)
    chíkkìili  to have something in the care of someone
    aachikìika  to be put in a specific location
    chíkkìika  to be put away (of a few)
    ischíkkìika  to be planted in rows
  chikìika  to sit down
    chikiíkko Neg.
    aachikìika  to settle in a certain location
    paachikìika  to sit on top of
      paachíkkìika  to settle (dl.)
    chíkkìika  to be seated
chikìika to sit down, settle, roost (of a few)  -LI  (-, chikìihilka, chikìihaska)   [/chikìi-ka1] [Irr: SgStem=chokòoli; PlStem=chiika] Neg: chikiíkko  «Ya paabókkòosifaayon chikìikaamon, antaatootoha, intaatootoomok anchókkòotooliisan híichalihchoolikha. They settled over here up on that little hill, my father's father used to live there and I used to see that. (NWK)»chikìi-
chikiíkko Neg. ☞chikìika
chikìiko Neg. ☞chikìili
chikìili to produce a litter, drop a litter, lay eggs, to have babies (of animals); to install (two) in office, seat (two) in office; to settle, set down, put away (a few)  -LI/CHA-  (chikìichi, chikìihili, chikìihachi)   [/chikìi-li] [Irr: SgStem=chokòoli; PlStem=chiili] Neg: chikìiko  «Mooton akkok illifòokan Kòopayon Fulti ittàasan hochikìihch ommikha. Then when he (Chief Charlie Thompson) died, they installed Cooper and Fulton together in office. (NIA)»chikìi-
chíkkìika1 to be put away, be parked (of a few)   [/chikìi-ka1] [ggr]  (VC)chikìili
chíkkìika2 to be seated, settled, sitting, living (of a few)  -LI  (-, chíkkìihilka, chíkkìihaska)   [/chikìi-ka1] [ggr]  «Geman Sally ittàasaaya aalokòolik óoɬàasin chíkkìikahchi. Gemar and Sally live a little ways past the church.»chikìika
chíkkìili to have a litter or nest (of offspring), to be nesting; to have (a few) stored up, have saved; to have a few things in one's care (as caring for someone's children, livestock, pets, library books, etc.)  (VC)  3/3; -LI/CHA-  (chíkkìichi, chíkkìihili, chíkkìihachi)   [/chikìi-li] [ggr]  «Foosok ochoskon ittofon paachíkkìilit... The bird had a nest of babies up in the tree... (MKF)»  «Nàason hochóopok hochíkkìilitoholin... They had bought some things and had them stored there. (HAI)»  «Toknaawan chíkkìililo. I'm saving my money.»  «Tóklon chíkkìili. He's got two.»chikìili
chíkmàa hello, how are you? Usage: Greeting, older word but still used.  (JS) { Mobilian?}
chikoffi to cut a piece (of meat), slice a piece (of meat)  -LI/3  (chikofchi, chikofhili, chikofhachi)   [/chikof-li$]
  chikófko Neg.
  chikòoli  to cut meat
chikófko Neg. ☞chikoffi
chikòoli to cut meat, slice meat, butcher (plural objects)  -LI/3  (chikòochi, chikòohili, chikòohachi)   [/chiko(f)-li$] [dsfx2] [fgr] ☞chikoffi
chikpi chest (body part)  CHA-  (chatchikpi, chitchikpi, potchikpi, hachitchikpi)
chikpihoopa chest pain, angina  CHA-   [/chikpi /hoopa]  (VC)  «Chatchikpi aⁿhoopa. I have chest pain.»
chíkpo Var. of chíppo 
chíkpochòoba Var. of chíppochòoba 
chikpóoɬa overalls, coveralls   [/chikpi /oɬa] [lgr]
chilaaka blackjack oak (Quercus marilandica)  (VC)
chilapli to have drop off and scatter (esp. petals), shed (petals)   [/chilap-li]
  chilaplichi  to scatter (something)
chilaplichi to scatter (something) (e.g. petals), shake off (several)  -LI/3  (chilapchichi, chilaphilichi, chilaphachichi)   [/chilap-li-chi1] ☞chilapli
chili to be a member of a class, belong to a class (of the hearer)   [chi- -(li)] [This is the second person form used in a construction that identifies an individual as a member of the class described by the noun. The verb consists of the noncontrol pronouns prefixed to a formative -li. With nominal subjects, the predicate is the class noun followed by ooli] Var: chiili  (VC)  «Alikchok chilihchommi? Are you a doctor?»  «Nàasok chili ayiksamoⁿ? What's your clan?»  «Nàasok chili chimayiksamoⁿ? What's your clan?»  «Náksok chili? Who are you?»  «Nàasok chiili? What kind of person are you?/what business are you in?»  «Nàasi ayiksok chili? What's your clan?»
  chílko Neg.
chiliita to want to go, beg to go  -LI; CHA-  (chiliitatiska, chiliitatilka, chiliitataska)  «Chinchiliitalo aɬchiyaamon. I'm begging to go when you get ready.»  «Ayhilaahak aahompankafan aɬɬasbannayok chiliitahchonko.. The little boy is begging to go to the gym.»
  chiliitatíkko Neg.
  inchiliita  to want to go with
  ischiliita  to encourage to go
chiliitatíkko Neg.  «Anchiliitatíkkobi. I don't want to go (don't care either way).»  «Chiliitatákkobi. I want not to go.»chiliita
chílko Neg. ☞chili
chilli to fall out, fall off, break off (of more than one)   [/chil(of)-li] [dsfx1] ☞chiloffi
chillichi to molt (of birds), shed (horns or antlers); to make fall   [/chil(of)-li-chi1] [dsfx1]  «Ichok illapihchin chillichi. The deer sheds his antlers.»chilli
chiloffi to fall out, fall off (of one); to be broken off at a joint (like steel at a welded joint or cane at a joint); to break off (of one)   [/chilof-li]
  chilòfko Neg.
  inchiloffi  to lose one's tooth
  inchiloffichi  to let loose from
  chilli  to fall out (pl.)
    inchilli  to lose one's teeth
    chillichi  to shed
      inchíllichi  to let loose from
    chilòoli  to be loose and wobbling
      inchilòolichi  to loosen up from
chilòfko Neg. ☞chiloffi
chilohka to shell (as corn)  -LI/3  (chilohiska, chilohilka, chilohaska)
  chaschilohka  to shell corn
chilòoli to be loose, be wiggling, wobble (as a tooth or wheel on a wagon or car about to fall out or fall off)   [/chil(of)<oo>-li] [fgr] ☞chilli
chilòyha house wren
chilòyha chàmchakosi unidentified bird species, speckled wren?   [/chilòyha /chamchakosi]
chiɬaɬo Var. of chiɬɬoɬo 
chiɬiɬihkachi to rattle, make a rattling noise   [/chiɬiɬih-ka1-chi2]
chiɬkìicho Neg. ☞chiɬɬichi
chiɬɬichi to chip, flake (with a tool) Usage: Older word.  -LI/3  (chiɬchichi, chiɬhilichi chiɬɬhachichi)   [/chiɬ-li-chi2] {poss.  chiɬof-li}  «Chiɬhachichiti. You all chipped it.»
  chiɬkìicho Neg.
chiɬɬoɬo little red bird similar to a mockingbird, smaller than a cardinal  (IB) ; type of red-breasted songbird  (DB) ; a little red or black bird with white stripes on its neck that catches flies in the air and sits on stumps  (VC) Var: chiɬaɬo  (VC) Var: chiɬoɬo  (DB, IB)
chiɬokko bird species (poss. variant of chiɬɬoɬo)
chiɬoɬo Var. of chiɬɬoɬo 
chiniifa Var. of chinoofa 
chiníifàasi Var. of chinóofàasi 
chiniika to be carried  CHA-   [/chinii-ka1] ☞chiniili
chinìiko Neg. ☞chiniili
chiniili to carry on the lower back, carry (a heavy load)  -LI/CHA-  (chiniichi, chiniihili, chiniihachi)   [/chinii-li]  «Sallik holisson chiniilok imiisafan istaɬɬati. Sally took the books to her house.»  «Ichóot ommiima ibi hopáhkitík ibìimok chinìilit albinafan stilachiifòokok sooplit, oaboslit, akkáamit ittanówwat nihtállo cháffàakahchóot ittanówwat ɬoyohkat ilachihchootoolo. If it was a deer, even though they killed it far away, when they killed it, they carried it on their backs and when they got it to their camp, they skinned it and barbecued it, that's the way they would go and would usually be gone for a week and then they would turn around and go back. (NHN)»
  chinìiko Neg.
  chínnìili  to be carrying something on the back
    ilbinchínnìili  to have the hands behind the back
  chiniika  to be carried
  ischinìika  backpack
chínnìili to be carrying around on the back, be hauling, be loaded down with  -LI/CHA-  (chínnìichi, chínnìihili, chínnìihachi)   [/chinii-li] [ggr]  «Nàason chínnìilit istàayati. He's carrying something around.»chiniili
chinoffi to pinch (once or one object)  -LI/CHA-  (chinofchi, chinofhili, chinofhachi)   [/chinof-li]
  chinofka  1.   pinch  2.   to get pinched
  chinòoli  to pinch rep
chinofka  1.  a pinch (unit of measure)   [/chinof-ka1]  2.  to get pinched once  CHA-chinoffi
chinoofa to be small  CHA- Var: chanóofa  (DB) Var: chiniifa  (DB)  «Chiniifahchoolo. It's too small.»
  chinóofàasi  to be small
  chinóofàschi  to be small
chinóofàasi to be small  CHA-   [/chinoofa-osi] [fgr] Var: chiníifàasi  «Chachinóofàasit wíikalin... I lived there when I was little... (NWK)»  «Chichiníifàasi. You're little bitty.»chinoofa
chinóofàschi to be little bitty, tiny  CHA-   [/chinoofa-osi-hchi] [fgr?] Var: chiníifàssi  (WP)  «Nàasi chiníifàsson istilatákkàalit istàayati. He was carrying a small bundle on his back.»  «Chinoofássòolo. It's real little.»chinoofa
chinòoli to pinch (more than once)  -LI/CHA-  (chinòochi, chinòohili, chinòohachi)   [/chino(f)-li] [dsfx2] [fgr] ☞chinoffi
chinto snake
chintobitka snake dance   [/chinto /bit-ka1]  (VC)
chintochoba rattlesnake   [/chinto /choba]
chintochoba iⁿsabàyyi type of small rattlesnake, about twelve inches long with spots on its back Lit: rattlesnake's nephew, a respectful name for chikhitosi   [/chinto /choba im- /sabàyyi]
chintohòllo unseen evil snake  Cul: Some say this evil snake is what lives in okihòllo and lures creatures into the water to their death.   (DB)   [/chinto /hollo]
chinto isbakpàtha gopher snake, cobra, hognose snake?, `spreading adder'   [/chinto /isbakko /patha]  (VC)
chintokachaɬɬi aissi snake bite medicine   [/chinto /kachaɬ-li /aissi]  (VC)
chintokànko poisonous snake   [/chinto /kano-ki-o2]
chintokàwkachi supernatural snake that breaks into many pieces when hit, poss. similar to Creek tie-snake   [/chinto /kaw-ka1-chi2]  (VC)
chintokchákkosi garter snake; green snake (a small snake that climbs trees)   [/chinto /okchakko-osi]  (VC)
chintoɬaɬo Var. of chintooɬaɬo 
chintooɬaɬo eel; octopus   [/chinto /ɬaɬo] Var: chintoɬaɬo
chintoosakcho snake-crawfish; octopus  Cul: Supernatural creature that lives in a hole and if someone sees one they'll die; has eyes like flashlights.   (IB)   [/chinto /sakcho] Var: chintosakcho  (DB)
chintopalki chicken snake Usage: Newer word.   [/chinto /palki]  (VC)
chintopatha gopher snake, cobra  Cul: Reputed to fly around at night.    [/chinto /patha]  (VC)
chintosakcho Var. of chintoosakcho 
chipíila to be still small (of one)  CHA-   [/chipila] [lgr]  «Chipíilastok onáahchi. It's always going to be small.»chipila
chipíilàasi to be tiny, very small (of one)  CHA-   [/chipila-osi] [fgr] ☞chipila
chipíilaschi Var. of chipíilàssi 
chipíilàssi to be small (of one)  CHA-   [/chipila-osi-hchi] [fgr] Var: chipilássi Var: chipíilaschi  (WP)  «Ammobìlkaya chipíilàssi. My car is small.»chipila
chipila to be small (of one)  CHA-  «Chipilahchoolo. It used to be small.»  «Wilok chipilat tobàaso. The shoes apparently shrank.»
  chipíila  to be small
  chíppìila  to get smaller
  chipilàasi  to be small
  chipíilàssi  to be small
  chipíilàasi  to be tiny
  istinchipila  to have something be too small for one
  ischipìila  small child
chipilàasi to be small (of one)  CHA-   [/chipila-osi] [fgr] ☞chipila
chipilássi Var. of chipíilàssi 
chíppìila to get smaller (of one)  CHA-   [/chipila] [ggr] ☞chipila
chíppo aunt, father's sister; grandmother  AM-p Var: chíkpo Var: chìkpo  (DB)  «Ana chíppolaaho. I'm going to be a grandmother.»  «Yaafaya anchíppo. That one (in the photograph) is my grandmother.»
  chíppochòoba  greatgrandmother
chíppochòoba greatgrandmother  AM-p   [/chíppo /achòoba] Var: chíkpochòobachíppo
chipsi Gypsy { English}  (VC)
chisa post oak; swamp chesnut oak; black gum (Quercus stellata; Quercus michauxii; Nyssa sylvatica)
chisáhmíⁿ hello, how are you? Usage: Greeting.   [chi- /sáhmi-ⁿ]  «Chisáhmina, isnàa? And how are you?»sáhmi
chisakko to be disheveled, messed up (of hair)  CHA-  (IB) Var: chisakki  «Chahissik chisakkoomoolo. My hair is messed up.»  «Chichisakkoomoolo. Your hair is messed up.»  «Chachisakkoⁿ? Is my hair messed up?»
  chisakkotíkko Neg.
  chisakkochi  to mess up (the hair)
chisakkochi to mess up (the hair)  -LI/CHA-  (chisakkochitiska, chisakkochitilka, chisakkochitaska)   [/chisakko-chi1]  (DB)chisakko
chisakkotíkko Neg. Var: chisakkitíkkochisakko
chiska little boy's penis Usage: Nursery word. Var: chiskasi  (DB)
chisnooli yours, your   [chi- /isna-ooli-o3]  «Chisnòoli? Is it yours?»  «Mobìlkak chisnoolo. The car is mine.»isna
chissi mouse, rat
chissichoba muskrat   [/chissi /choba]  (VC)
chissi impatàaka mouse trap   [/chissi im- /pataa-ka1]
chitiika to take hold of in the hand, grasp, wrestle  -LI/CHA-  (chitiihiska, chitiihilka, chitiihaska)   [/chitii-ka1]  «Akkon yamíhchit chitiikok ichaffakchikon ittofayon sahlìichok hacháalìichok ommitok aɬipìilok yamíhchit... This is the way you hold it to start scraping the deer skin on the stick that is standing there with the skin draped over it like this. (PTH)»
  chíttìika  to hold
  ittichitiika  to fight hand-to-hand
    ittichitiihilka  wrestling
chíttìika to hold in the hand  -LI/CHA-  (chíttìihiska, chíttìihilka, chíttìihaska)   [/chitii-ka1] [ggr]  «Chíttìikaha yon tammínná! Hold on to this so it doesn't fall!»chitiika
chittiɬhòmma red haw, turkey hawthorn, little hip hawthorn (Crataegus induta, C. spathulata)   [prob. chi- /ittiɬi /homma]  (DB) Var: chittiɬómma  (IB) Var: chittiɬhómma  (DB) Var: chittiɬhómma sàwwa  (DB)
chittiɬhómmachoba red haw, turkey hawthorn (Crataegus induta)   [/chittiɬhomma /choba] Var: ittiɬhómmachoba  (VC)
chittiɬómma Var. of chittiɬhòmma 
chiyaali Var. of chiyahli 
chiyahka walk, walking   [/chiyah-ka1] ☞chiyahli
chiyáhko Neg. to be crippled  «Káanon chiyáhkohchi. He can't walk right.»chiyahli
chiyahli to walk  -LI  (chiyahchi, chiyahhili, chiyahhachi)   [/chiyah-li] Var: chiyaali Var: chayahli  (DB) Var: chayaali  (DB)  «Amifan ittàasat chayahhilao. I'm going to take my dog for a walk.»
  chiyáhko Neg.  to be crippled
  chiyahlitíkko Neg.
  chíyyàali  to keep walking
  ibaachiyahli  to walk with
    ittibaachiyahli  to go for a walk together
  chiyahlichi  to take for a walk
  chiyahka  walk, walking
  ischiyahka  crutches
chiyahlichi to walk (e.g. a dog), take for a walk Usage: Some speakers find this word unacceptable unless it is meant that one physically picks it up and walks it.  -LI/CHA-  (chiyahchichi, chiyahhilichi, chiyahhachichi)   [/chiyah-li-chi1] ☞chiyahli
chiyahlitíkko Neg. ☞chiyahli
chíyyàali to keep walking  -LI  (chíyyàachi, chíyyàahili, chíyyàahachi)   [/chiyah-li] [ggr] Var: cháyyàalichiyahli
choba to be big, large  CHA-  «Chobataɬɬa. To grow up; to gain growth; to gain weight; to get fat; to grow in business sales.»  «Ya chobahchoolo. This is a big one.»
  chokìibo Neg.  to be small
    chokíibosi Neg.  to be very small
    chokíibossi Neg.  to be short
  chobasi  to be chubby
  chóhba  to be bigger, biggest
  chóoba  to grow bigger
  chóoⁿbàasi  to be very big
  inchóoba  chairperson
  istiliichoba  to be stubborn
  istinchóoba  head of a department
    istinchóobaha  staff of a department
  chobachi  to rear a child; to enlarge
    maachóhbachòosi  to enlarge
chobachi to raise, rear a child, bring up; to enlarge, make bigger, let out (a garment)  -LI/CHA-  (chobachiska, chobachilka, chobachaska)  (chobatiska, chobatilka, chobataska)   [/choba-chi1] [the short vowel before -chi in this word is unusual and varies with the expected long vowel] Var: chobaachi  «Chimilokfan chobachitiskaⁿ? Are you going to let out your dress?»  «Aatosin chobaachitiskalaⁿ? Are you going to raise the child?»choba
chobasi chubby one, little fatty (of a boy or girl) Usage: Teasing word to a child.   [/choba-osi]  (VC)choba
chobat aɬɬa to grow up, gain growth; to gain weight, get fat; to grow in business sales  -LI   [/choba-t /aɬɬa] ☞aɬɬa
chocho vagina Usage: Euphemism, nursery word.  AM-p Var: choocho  (VC)
chofa pin, needle
  chofasi  decorative pin
chofaabonotka Var. of chofibiibonotka 
chofachoska pin cushion   [/chofa /achos(òo)-ka1]
chofa ilachosòoka badge (sheriff's, etc.), brooch, pin (women's jewelry)   [/chofa ili- /achosòo-ka1]  (VC)
chofa isɬopotli (one) sewing needle   [/chofa ist- /ɬopot-li]  (VC)
chofa poɬonka safety pin   [/chofa /poɬom-ka1]
chofasi decorative pin, brooch, badge, little pin   [/chofa-osi] ☞chofa
chofastachosòoka safety pin   [/chofa ist- /achosòo-ka1] [fgr]  (VC)
chofastiiɬka Var. of chofistiɬka 
chofastilpa fork   [/chofa ist-il- /(i)pa] Var: chofistilpa  (CS)
chofastoolimpa fork   [/chofa ist- /oo<li>mpa]  (VC)
chofattiɬi needle eye   [/chofa /ittiɬi]  (VC) Var: chofittiɬi  (DB)
choffi to jump, hop up and down (repeatedly); to flop around; to have an epileptic seizure  -LI  (chofchi, chofhili, chofhachi)   [/chof(ot)-li] [dsfx1] ☞chofotli
chofibiibonotka straight pin   [/chofa ibii- /bonot-ka1] Var: chofaabonotka
chofisɬopòoli sewing needle   [/chofa ist- /ɬopo(t)-li] Var: chofisɬopòtli  (DB)
chofisɬopòoli iⁿɬobafka eye of a needle   [/chofa ist- /ɬopo(t)-li im- /ɬobaf-ka1]
chofistilpa Var. of chofastilpa 
chofistiɬka thimble Lit: push it through   [/chofa ist- /tiiɬi-ka1] Var: chofastiiɬka  (VC)
chofistoolfa sewing needle   [/chofa ist- /oo<l>fa]
chofkoni bone; fins and bones (of fish)  CHA-; AM-p  «Chachofkoni chahoopahchi. I have arthritis.»
chofkoni imaalokha bone marrow  AM-p   [/chofkoni im- /aalokha]
chofotli to jerk, jump, start up  -LI  (chofotchi, chofothili, chofothachi)   [/chofot-li]  «Chofotchínná! Don't jump!»
  maachofotli  to jump off into
  oochofotli  to jump into water
    maatoochofotli  to dive
  choffi  to jump up and down (rep.)
    maachoffi  to jump down from
    oochoffi  to flop around (in water)
      maatoochoffi  to jump into water from a height
    inchoffichi  to have a pulse
    nokchoffichi  to throb (in the neck)
  chofottabanatli  to jump over one thing (sg.)
    choftabánni  to jump over (pl.)
    chofottabànni  to jump over (pl. obj.)
  chootli  to hop once
    chootlit abanatli  to jump over one thing (sg.)
    oochootli  to jump down into the water
    paachootli  to jump on
chofotlischáffàaka one minute   [/chofot-li ist- /cháffàa-ka1]  (VC)
chofotlit abanatli Var. of chofottabanatli 
chofottabanatli to jump over (one object)  -LI/CHA-  (chofottabanatchi, chofottabanathili, chofottabanathachi)   [/chofot-li-t /abanat-li]  (VC) Var: chofotlit abanatlichofotli
chofottabànni to jump over (plural objects)  -LI/CHA-  (chofottabànchi, chofottabànhili, chofottabànhachi)   [/chofot-li-t /aban(at)-li] ☞chofottabanatli
choftabànni to jump over (of more than one)  -LI/CHA-  (-, choftabànhili, choftabànhachi)   [/chof(ot)-li-t /aban(at)-li] [dsfx1]  (VC)chofottabanatli
chóhba to be bigger, biggest  CHA-   [/choba] [hgr]  «Chóhbaya Timkoolo. The biggest one is Tim.»choba
chokàkka Var. of chokàⁿhka 
chokàⁿhka guinea fowl Var: chokàkka  (DB) Var: chokàⁿkka  (VC)
  chookachookachooka  to cluck
chokàⁿkka Var. of chokàⁿhka 
chokàⁿkkatàyyi guinea hen   [/chokaⁿhka /tayyi]  (VC) Var: chokàⁿkkatayyi  (VC)
chokano fly (insect)
chokanochòosi maggot   [/chokano /ochòosi]
chokanochoski maggots   [/chokano /ochoski]
chokano istilbi fly swatter   [/chokano ist-il- /(i)bi]
chokbahta gopher Var: chokbàhta  (VC, IB)
chokbahta iⁿhini gopher hill, gopher den   [/chokbahta im- /hini]
chokbi navel, bellybutton  AM-p
chokbilàkbila whippoorwill; the sound of the whippoorwill
chokchoki to be spotted, freckled, polka dotted; to be tattooed  CHA- Var: chakchaki
  chokchokitíkko Neg.
  ibichokchoki  to have a spotted face
chokchokitíkko Neg. ☞chokchoki
chokchòosi Var. of ichosi chokchòokosi 
chokfalpooba sheep   [/chokfi /a<l>pooba] Var: chokfalpoyba  (VC)
chokfalpooba ahicha shepherd   [/chokfi /a<l>pooba a- /hicha]
chokfalpooba ahìicha shepherd   [/chokfi /a<l>poyba a- /hicha]  (VC) Var: chokfalpoyba ahìicha  (VC)
chokfalpoyba Var. of chokfalpooba 
chokfalpoyba hissi wool   [/chokfi /a<l>poyba /hissi]  (VC)
chokfalpoyba iⁿholihta sheep pasture   [/chokfi /a<l>poyba im- /holihta]  (VC)
chokfi  1.  rabbit  2.  to kid, joke, lie, play a trick on  Cul: Rabbit is a well-known trickster in southeast folklore.   -LI/CHA-  (chokfitiska, chokfitilka, chokfitaska)  «Chokfitiskaayok chimponnahchi. You know how to tell stories, play tricks (like rabbit).»  3.  to be a joker, trickster, liar  CHA-  «Chokfiya chokfi. Rabbit is a rabbit. (A saying meaning something like `you can trust Rabbit to be a trickster; you can't expect better of him').»
chokfibáana wool coat; one hundred percent wool; lots of rabbits   [/chokfi /báana]  (VC)
chokfibitka rabbit dance   [/chokfi /bit-ka1]
chokfibitka talilwa rabbit dance song   [/chokfi /bit-ka1 /ta<li>lwa]
chokfichoba liar, someone who tells lies or tales all the time Usage: Teasing name for someone who tells tales.   [/chokfi /choba]  (VC) Var: chokfichòoba
chokfifatka rabbit story  Cul: Southeastern trickster folktales.    [/chokfi /fat-ka1]
chokfihissi wool; rabbit fur   [/chokfi /hissi]  (VC)
chokfimiisa rabbit cage, hutch   [/chokfi im- /iisa]  (VC)
chokfinaaɬìika teller of tall tales   [/chokfi /naaɬii-ka1] [fgr]  (VC)
chokfinaaɬiilka rabbit story, folktale  Cul: The rabbit is the traditional southeastern trickster figure in tales.    [/chokfi /naaɬii<il>-ka1]  «Chokfinaaɬiilkon fatlilihchi. I told a rabbit story.»
chokfistimalbacha wisteria   [/chokfi ist-im- /a<l>bacha]
chokìibo Neg. to be small (referring to something that one would expect to be big or should be big but is not (e.g. a midget)) [fgr] ☞choba
chokíibòschi Var. of chokíibòssi 
chokíibosi Neg. to be very small   [/chokíibo-osi] Var: chokíiⁿbosi  «Aatihifóoska chokíibosi. That creature has always been very small (like a dwarf).»chokìibo
chokíibossi Neg. to be short in height, little bitty, narrow, small, thin in diameter (as a small tree, broom handle, etc.)   [/chokíibo-osi-hchi] Var: chokíiⁿbossi  (DB) Var: chokíibòschi  (VC) Var: chokíiⁿbòschi  «Chichobasiya chokíibòssi. The pony is real little.»chokìibo
chokìipo Neg.  «Chochikìipoti. You didn't buy it.»choopa
chokka house Usage: Archaic. { Mobilian?}  (JS)
chokkaahíkko Neg. ☞chokkàaka
chokkaahilka entrance   [/chokkaa<hil>-ka1] ☞chokkàaka
chokkàaka to go into, enter (of more than one)  -LI  (-, chokkàahilka, chokkàahaska)   [/chokka(li)-ka1] [Irr: PclStem=chokkahka] [dsfx1] [fgr] Neg: chokkaahíkko ☞chokkaliika
chokkahka to go into, enter (of a few)  -LI/3  (-, chokkahilka, chokkahaska)   [/chokka(li)<h>-ka1] [dsfx1] ☞chokkàaka
chokkaliichi Var. of chokkaliilichi 
chokkaliika to go into, enter (of one)  -LI/3  (chokkaliihiska, -, -)   [/chokkali-ka1]  «Iisan chokkaliika. Go into the house.»  «Iyaani oobok chokkállìika. There's a hole going into the tunnel.»
  chokkaliíkko Neg.
  chokkaliilka  entrance
  chokkaliilichi  to make enter
    chokkaliikíicho Neg.
  chokkàaka  to enter
    chokkaahilka  entrance
    chokkaahíkko Neg.
    chokkahka  to enter
chokkaliikìicho Neg.  «Hochachókkaliikìichoti. They won't let me in.»chokkaliilichi
chokkaliíkko Neg. ☞chokkaliika
chokkaliilichi to make enter, let in, retract (one object)  -LI/CHA-  (chokkaliichichi, chokkaliihilichi, chokkaliihachichi)   [/chokkali-li-chi1] Neg: chokkaliikìicho Var: chokkaliichi  «Sattak isbakkon chokkaliicho. The turtle pulled in its head.»chokkaliika
chokkaliilka entrance   [/chokkali<il>-ka1] ☞chokkaliika
chokkapihchi muscadine vine (Vitis rotundifolia)   [/chokko /apihchi]  (VC)
chokkilissa to be quiet, still, desolate (of a location)  «Ya iishayyok chokkilissaamoolo. This room is real quiet.»  «Library-faya chokkilíssahchooti. It's real quiet in the library.»
  chokkilissatilka  loneliness
  inchokkilissa  to be alone
chokkilissatilka loneliness   [/chokkilissa-tilka] ☞chokkilissa
chokko muscadine (Vitis rotundifolia)  Cul: The grapes are sour but can be used to make jelly.  Usage: Older word.  (IB)
chókkolìichi to put down, set down (one object) and leave; to park (a car)  -LI/CHA-  (chókkochìichi, chókkohilìichi, chókkohachìichi)   [/chokoo-li-chi1] [ggr]  (DB)  «Chókkolìichi akkon. Put it down right there.»  «Waakisbakkomon hayíimossobaafon ohochókkolìichiisan híichalin. I found the bull's head in the big swamp where they had put it. (NIA)»chokoolichi
chókkòoli  1.  to be sitting down, seated (of one); to live at or in a place (of one); to be out and visible (of a heavenly body)  -LI  (chókkòochi, -, -)   [/chokoo-li] [ggr]  «Ya paabókkòosifaayon chikìikaamon, antaatootoha, intaatootoomok anchókkòotooliisan híichalihchoolikha. They settled over here up on that little hill, my father's father used to live there and I used to see that. (NWK)»  2.  residence  «Dorcaska chókkòolifa. That's where Dorcas lives.»chokòoli
chókkòolit tosbi just sit there and rot! Usage: Idiom.  Cul: Expression used by players in a children's game like tag, said to the player sitting in the middle who is `It'. The players sit in a circle with one in the middle. They hold on to a piece of that person's hair and say `just sit there and rot'. Then the one who is `It' jumps up and chases them and the first one caught then has to be `It'.    [/chókkòo-li-t /tosbi] ☞tosbi
choklahpa winged ant, termite?  (DB)
chokɬipa salt lick (naturally occurring)
  chokɬipasi  salt lick
chokɬipasi salt lick (naturally occurring)   [/chokɬipa-osi] ☞chokɬipa
chokoochi Var. of chokoolichi 
chokòoli to sit down, assume a sitting position (of one); to squat, crouch down, hunker down (of one)  -LI  (chokòochi, -, -) [fgr]   [/chokoo-li] [Irr: PclStem=chikìika; PlStem=chiika]  «Yok chinchokòokamoolo yon chokòoli. Sit here, this is your place.»  «Clemkak chokòolimoolo. Clem just sat.»  «Jimkak chokòolo. Jim is sitting.»
  chókkòoli  1.   to be seated  2.   residence
  chokóoli  to be still living
  inchokòoli  base
  inchokòoka  residence
  inchokóoⁿli  to represent a constituency
  hasifan inchokóoⁿli  to sunbathe
  ispaachokòoli  foundation
  istinchokòoka  base something sits on
  itachokòoli  to sit on the ground
    itachokoolichi  to put down (on the ground)
      istitachókkòolichi  to have put down (something in a container) and left sitting
  maachokòoli  to appear in the sky
    maachókkòoli  to be out and visible
  onachokòoli  to sit down beside
    onachókkòoli  to sit up with
  oochokòoli  to sit in
    oochókkòoli  to be sitting in
    imoochokòoli  to have something get stuck in (mud)
      imoochókkòoli  to have something stuck in (mud)
    oochokoolichi  to put down in (water) to soak
      oochókkolìichi  to have put down in water to soak
  oschókkòoli  to move away and settle down
  paachokòoli  to sit on top of something (sg.)
    paachókkòoli  to sit on top of
    paachokoolichi  to put on top (sg.)
      paachókkolìichi  to have left (something) sitting out on
      ispaachokoolichi  to put on top of
    paachokòoka  chair
  chokoolichi  to establish
    chókkolìichi  to set down and leave
    iisinchiika inchokoolichi  to lay a foundation
  ischokoolichi  to put inside of (a container)
    ischókkolìichi  to have sitting in (a container)
chokóoli to be still sitting, still living  -LI  (chokóochi, -, -)   [/chokoo-li] [lgr]  «Chokóochìⁿ? Are you still sitting?»  «Chokóoli! Sit already! (said to someone who keeps standing or pacing around).»  «Ampíchootoomok antaatootoomok nakaaɬafòokon akkok chokóolifòokama ihton hotalàalimok holihtan hopaɬɬista. My late mother and father are gone now, but when they were still living there, when they would lay out a field, they would make split-rail fences. (NWK)»chokòoli
chokoolichi to set down, put away, put down (one object); to establish, set up; to park (a car); to let settle on one's land; to sit (someone) down, seat  -LI/CHA-  (chokoochichi, chokoohilichi, chokoohachichi)   [/chokoo-li-chi1] Var: chokoochi  (VC)  «Mobìlkan chokoolichilo. I parked the car.»  «Mobìlka imiisahayon mobìlkan chokoolichi. Put the car in the garage.»  «Mobìlka imiisahayon mobìlkan chokoochi. Put the car in the garage.»chokòoli
choksanìipa mole (of the skin), wart, pimple  AM-p   [/choksi -/anìipa]  «Choksanìipak chabiiyíisooti. I have moles all over my face.»choksi
choksanìipasi freckle   [/choksi -/anìipa-osi]
choksi squash (generic), esp. winter squash, pumpkin
  choksanìipa  mole, wart, pimple
choksichàakka cushaw, a large, long-necked, green-striped squash   [/choksi /(?)] Var: choksichákka  (DB) Var: choksichakka  (VC)
choksichakka Var. of choksichàakka 
choksichákka Var. of choksichàakka 
choksilaana any yellow colored squash, esp. pumpkin   [/choksi /laana] Var: choksilàana
choksiɬaakachi Var. of choksiɬahkachi 
choksiɬahkachi striped squash, cushaw   [/choksi /ɬah-ka1-chi2] Var: choksiɬaakachi  (IB)
choksipaspa pumpkin bread   [/choksi /paspa]
choksitáyyi any winter squash, esp. acorn squash, pumpkin   [/choksi /tayyi]
chokyohkachi  1.  to be wrinkled up  CHA-   [/chokyoh-ka1-chi2]  2.  wrinkleschokyohlichi
chokyohkachíkko Neg. ☞chokyohkachi
chokyohkìicho Neg. ☞chokyohlichi
chokyohlichi to wrinkle, rumple, crumple  -LI/3  (chokyohchichi, chokyohhilichi, chokyohhachichi)   [/chokyoh-li-chi2]
  chokyohkìicho Neg.
  chokyohkachi  1.   to be wrinkled  2.   wrinkles
    chokyohkachíkko Neg.
  ibiichokyohkachi  to have a wrinkled face
  ilibiichokyohlichi  to wrinkle the face
chola fox
choɬaffi Var. of chaɬaffi 
choɬɬi Var. of chaɬɬi 
chommi anus  CHA-
chommihòopa bird species Lit: has a sore anus (little birds that fly together in large flocks like wrens or snowbirds and are known for their screaming or squealing, hence the name)   [/chommi /hoopa]
chommilòmhi May haw Lit: hidden anus (Crataegus aestivalis)  Cul: The fruit is used in making a gold-colored jelly. The tree grows in swampy places and the fruit is usually scooped out of water with a net. The name refers to the dimple on one end of the fruit.  Usage: Older word.   [/chommi /lomhi] Var: chommilòmmi  (DB)
chommi ɬobafka anal opening   [/chommi /ɬobaf-ka1]
chónnotli to be bent, hunchbacked  CHA- [ggr] ☞chonotli
chonóotlòosi to be humped over, hunched over  -LI  (chonóotlòostiska, chonóotlòostilka, chonóotlòostaska)   [/chonot-li-osi] [fgr] ☞chonotli
chonoska heart; heart wood, the hard core of a tree used in making tools  CHA-; AM-p  (1sg chatchonoska or chachonoska, 1pl potchonoska or pochonoska, 2pl hachitchonoska or hachichonoska) [variants with -t- are older pronunciations]  «Chonoskak ilkowátko. He had heart failure; his heart quit beating.»
chonoska hifóska heartbeat   [/chonoska /hifos-ka1]  (VC)
chonoskaholpa heart trouble, heart disease  CHA-   [/chonoska /hoo<l>pa]
chonoska hoopa to have heart disease, heart trouble  3; 3/AM-   [/chonoska /hoopa]  «Chatchonoskak aⁿhoopahchi. I have heart trouble.»  «Chatchonoska hoopahchi. I have heart trouble.»hoopa
chonoska ilkowàali heartbeat, movement of the heart   [/chonoska /ilkowàa-li]  (VC)
chonoska kolboshayòoki heart basket  Cul: Heart-shaped basket, one of the traditional basket weaving shapes.    [/chonoska /kolbi-osi /hayooki]
chonotli to bend over from the shoulders, stoop down, be hunched over  -LI  (chonotchi, chonothili, chonothachi)   [/chonot-li]  «Chonotlit chókkòolihchi. He's bending over sitting down.»  «Chonóotlilok aayoolìmpan ittakonotliliti. I stooped over and went under the table.»
  chónnotli  to be hunchbacked
  chonóotlòosi  to be hunched over
  itachonotli  to stoop to go under
chóoba to grow bigger  CHA-   [/choba] [lgr] ☞choba
chóobintabi Var. of atchòobittabi 
choocho Var. of chocho 
choochohissi woman's pubic hair   [/choocho /hissi]  (VC)
chookachookachooka to cluck as a guinea fowl {onomatopoeic} Var: chokáⁿchokáⁿchokáⁿ  (VC)chokàⁿhka
chookma to be good Usage: Older word. { Mobilian?}  (JS)
choolpa  1.  sale   [/choo<l>pa]  2.  to have been bought, purchased  CHA-choopa
chóoⁿbàasi to be very big  CHA-   [/choba-osi] [fgr] ☞choba
choopa to buy  -LI/3  (choospa, choolpa, choohaspa)  «Choospati. You bought it.»  «óo náksonchoospaⁿ? Oh, where did you buy it?»
  choolpa  1.   sale  2.   to have been bought
  chokìipo Neg.
  choopatíkko Neg.  1.   to not be able to buy  2.   to not be supposed to buy
  chòopa  buyer, shopper
  inchoopa  to buy for, buy from
  ischoopa  1.   to sell  2.   store
    ischoopasi  country store
    istinchoopa  to sell (something) to or for
    ischokìipo Neg.
    ischoolpa  to be for sale, be sold
      ischoolpókko Neg.
chòopa buyer, shopperchoopa
choopatíkko Neg.  1.  to not be able to buy  -LI  «Choopatchíkkoolo. You can't buy it.»  2.  to not be supposed to buy  «Choospatíkkoolo. You shouldn't buy it.»choopa
chòosi any daughter after the first born daughter Usage: Hypocoristic nickname.  AM-p  (VC)
  chóososi  baby daughter
chooskani duck Var: choskani
chooskanibitka duck dance   [/chooskani /bit-ka1]
chooskanibitka talilwa duck dance song   [/chooskani /bit-ka1 /ta<li>lwa]
chooskani ichiksa okchakko mallard   [/chooskani /ichiksa /okchakko]  (VC)
chóososi any baby daughter after the first born daughter Usage: Hypocoristic nickname.   [/chóosi-osi]  (VC)chòosi
Chòotka name of Chief B.C. Sylestine's mule {poss.  /chootli, lit. `Jumper'}
chootli to jump once, hop once; to start (be startled) (of one)  -LI  (chootchi, choothili, choothachi)   [(/choot)-li] {prob. short for chofotli}  (WP)chofotli
chootlit abanatli to jump over (one object)  -LI/CHA-   [/choot-li-t /abanat-li] ☞chootli
chòoto frog
chòotochokchoki type of spotted frog   [/chòoto /chokchoki]  (VC)
chòotochoski frog eggs   [/chòoto /ochoski]
choskani Var. of chooskani 
choskaniholba duck decoy   [/choskani /holba]  (IB, VC)
chowaala Var. of chowwaala 
chowaata Var. of chowwaata 
chowahla Var. of chowwaala 
chowwaala cedar, eastern redcedar (Juniperus virginiana) Var: chowahla  (IB) Var: chowaala  (DB)
chowwaata goat Var: chowaata  (DB)
choyyaffakchi pine bark   [/choyyi /affakchi]  (VC)
choyyaɬi pinecone   [/choyyi /aɬi]
choyyapala pitch torch   [/choyyi /apala]  (VC)
choyyaposa pinegrove   [/choyyi /aposa]
choyyassikchi pine roots   [/choyyi /assikchi]  (VC)
choyyi pine tree (Pinus spp. esp. P. taeda)
choyyihissi pine needle   [/choyyi /hissi] Var: choyyissi
choyyihissi hobaski longleaf pine (Pinus palustris)   [/choyyi /hissi ho- /baski]  (VC)
choyyihissi kobayli shortleaf pine (Pinus echinata)   [/choyyi /hissi /kobay-li]  (VC)
choyyihoba loblolly pine (Pinus taeda)   [/choyyi /hoba]
choyyikolòofa pine stump   [/choyyi /kolof-a]  (VC)
choyyinaani longleaf pine   [/choyyi /naani]
choyyiniha Var. of choyyiniya 
choyyinihaachi Var. of choyyiniyaachi 
choyyiniya pine resin, turpentine, pine sap, very rich pine pitch  Cul: Makes good tea; good for colds when rubbed on the throat.    [/choyyi /niya] Var: choyyiniha
choyyiniyaachi wax myrtle (Myrica cerifera)  Cul: Juice from berries can be used as waterproofing on wood or bowstrings; a tea made from the roots is a good cure for diarrhea; the twigs can be broken off and chewed as a cure for diarrhea.    [/choyyi /niha-chi1] Var: choyyinihaachi  (VC)
choyyi okchi pine sap   [/choyyi /okchi]  (VC)
choyyipokta rich pine limbs, peat, pine knot used for torch   [/choyyi /pokta]  (VC)
choyyiskilaaya pine kindling wood, pine tinder; pine splinters   [/choyyi ist- /kilay-a]  (VC)
choyyissi Var. of choyyihissi 
choyyissikolbi pine needle basket   [/choyyi /hissi /kolbi]
choyyitayyi short leaf pine   [/choyyi /tayyi]
choyyiyikchi pine base or root   [/choyyi /yíkchi]  (VC)
chsss the sound a rattlesnake makes  (VC)