Family and Friends
My Dad did his Masters in Public administration from Saugar University, India, and is in to transport business. My brother is a veterinarian, and he's working for the BLUE CROSS, an animal welfare association,  headed by the Popular actress Amala, in Hyderabad, India.

Friends are scattered through out the world. Most of them are in the US; some are in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Trinidad ( West Indies) and just yesterday one of them got visa to South Africa! And many, back in India.

Of all the places, I enjoyed every minute I spent in Beaumont. Though most of them scattered through out US from there, we all keep in touch almost daily (COURTESY :SPRINT Unlimited nights and weekends!!)

It was a paid holiday. Nobody had jobs. All we did was to go to School and have fun at home!


  • Krishna
  • Bhaskar
  • Ananth
  • Raj
  • Justin





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