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Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)

Available on: 
Available to: 
May be installed on: 
UNT-owned computers on campus
Faculty laptop or home computer


Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 is available on UNT owned computers a la carte, allowing you to install what you need.

To install on:

  • Faculty and Staff personal laptop or home computer: Adobe Creative Cloud is available for $9.75 per year through the UNT System. Please note this is an annually-recurring cost. When purchasing Creative Cloud through the OnTheHub portal, please:
  • Be sure to click the Faculty/Staff tab under "Product Search" to get the proper pricing.
  • If this is your first time purchasing software through OnTheHub, you will have to register with the site (i.e. create an account) before you can complete your purchase. This registration process includes:
    • signing up with your UNT email address (to verify your employment status with the University).
    • creating a unique password for OnTheHub.
    • receiving a verification email at your UNT email address which you use to complete the registration process (can take a couple of hours to receive).
  • Once you have clicked on the link in the verification email, sign in with your UNT email address and your OnTheHub password (*not* your UNT password).
  • Student-owned laptop or home computer: As noted below, students are free to use Adobe Creative Cloud on UNT-owned computers in student-accessible computer facilities. But UNT's license agreement with Adobe does not cover the installation of software on student-owned devices. However, currently-enrolled students can lease Adobe Creative Cloud at a discounted rate directly from Adobe; visit their website for details:

    Please note that a student must have administrative rights on the device to install Adobe Creative Cloud once they purchase the lease.

Applications Included in our Creative Cloud License

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