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Social Report - Publishing Posts

A huge benefit of using Social Report is the ability to post to all social media accounts from one location. To publish, go to "Publishing" and click "Schedule a Post".

  • Select an existing content group, create one, or choose "No content group, just a post". Click "Continue".
    • Content Groups are a way to organize similar posts, but are optional.
  • Create your post using the space provided.
    • Use "Attach Media" to include images in your post if desired.
    • If your post is longer than 280 characters, click "Twitter Only" and edit your post to a Twitter length.
    • Click "Advanced Options…".
  • Select when you would like your post published.
    • "Post Now" posts within 5 minutes of creation.
    • "Post Later" allows you to schedule a one-time post for a future date or time.
      • Select post date and time.
    • "Post Recurring" to schedule a post to publish more than once in the future. This is especially useful for upcoming events.
      • Select the date and time for the first posting
      • Select a period of time for repeat and total number of publications
    • "Add to Queue" schedules your post in the next available slot on your schedule. See Posting Queue section of this document for more information.
    • Click "Next"
  • Use this screen to setup specific options
    • Select if you want the post set as "Evergreen". Evergreen content will be plugged randomly into empty slots on the Posting Schedule.
      • Users should be careful when using Evergreen content because it can lead to the same post being scheduled repeatedly.
    • Select a Link Frame if desired.
      • Link Frames add an iFrame to sites linked from posts. They can be a good way to drive traffic to a site but can become intrusive, so should be used sparingly.
      • To set up Link Frames, go to "Publishing" and click "Link Frames"
    • Select a Call To Action to be used on Facebook if desired.
    • Select Twitter Cards to use on posts if desired.
    • Earnings Setup is to estimate value and cost of conversion and aren't being used for academic accounts currently.
    • Click "Next"
  • Choose to turn off Link Shortening if desired. This should generally be left unchecked to allow networks to shorten URLs unless there is a specific reason not to.
    • Click "Next"
  • Choose options for campaign targeting. These options will send information to networks to help it target specific audiences if desired. Generally, university accounts are aimed for a wide audience and this section is skipped
  • Click "Submit" to finalize publication.