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Social Report - Publication Workflows

Social Report includes the ability to approve publications designed by others before they go live to social media accounts.

  1. Assign publications permissions to users by going to "Settings" and clicking "Users"
  2. Click on the user's name and go to "User Profile".
    • Any user whose content should be moderated should be set to "Publish" with the dropdown next to it set as "Require Approval".
    • Make sure these users don't have "Approve Publications" permissions.
  3. When one of these users posts, the approver will receive notifications on their dashboard to review.
  4. Next to the title on the "Publishing" tab, a red number will appear showing how many posts are pending approval.
  5. To approve posts, go to "Publishing" and click "Publication Review". This will show a list of posts which need approval.
  6. From this screen, an administrator can choose to change, approve, or reject a post.
  7. If a post is rejected, the original creator will be notified and can then edit the post and resubmit for approval.