UNT's Network facilitates research and collaboration, and provides the means to connect to all other UNT IT Services. With the UNT network, you will:

Integrate tightly with UNT and colleagues

Have quick and effortless access to all on-campus IT services (Email, File, Computer, & Web)

Collaborate efficiently with the Internet2 backbone, which connects multiple institutions directly to eachother

Obtain reliable and fast access to the commodity Internet

Get expert help from people who know
UNT's Ins and Outs 

UNT IT experts possess in-depth, UNT-specific knowledge and resources to support the UNT network - and you

Protect yourself and our students

Protect your intellectual property, per laws and policy

Prevent spread of malware infections to other devices

Connection to the UNT network is availabe via wired and wireless access. 

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