Network attached


"Network attached" printers are also known as network printers or shared printers. These printers are shared among several computers and are often slightly larger than personal printers. 

Sometimes there is confusion between network attached printers and copiers. The difference is that copiers are large (as in: you could fit a small child inside of them), they often have more advanced features, and require more extensive setup collaboration between the vendor and CAS IT Services.

If you wish to learn more about copiers, or need to request to set up a new Copier, please visit the Copiers page. If you need to request to set up a network attached printer, please use the request form below.


Don't forget the cable! - Not all network attached printers come with the necessary Ethernet cable to connect them to the wired network. Any standard CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 Ethernet cables will work. CAS IT Services can provide 14' Ethernet cables, but if you need a longer length, you can purchase it from an office supply store or with your printer.

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