Direct attached


Most people refer to "direct attached" printers as local printers or personal printers. 

Many printers nowadays have the capability of either being directly plugged into a computer via USB, or being attached to the network via an Ethernet cable. Directly attaching the printer will allow you more options, as the printer would not have to be compabible with our network printing infrastructure.  Different users of the same computer may use the printer attached to it, but other computers will not be able to use this printer.

CAS IT Services does not support sharing Directly Attached printers over the network; instead, use a Network Attached printer.

If you wish to learn more about Network Attached printers, or need to request to set up a new Network Attached printer, please visit the Network Attached page. If you need to request to set up a more basic Direct Attached printer, please use the request form below.


Don't forget the cable! - Most personal printers do not come with the necessary USB cable to connect them to your computer. Any "A to B" USB cable between 3-12 feet should work. These can be purchased at most office supply stores; most users order this cable from the same company that sells the printer.

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