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ICL Reservations and Scheduling

CAS IT Services operates the Instructional Computing Lab (ICL), a computer-based classroom to help students and instructors learn in a technologically-advanced environment. CAS IT Services collects an academic fee from our three supporting colleges for computer-related instruction:

  • College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and Mayborn School of Journalism
  • College of Science (CoS)
  • College of Information (CI)

A portion of this academic fee is used to fund ICL services, including:

  • upgrades to computers and equipment
  • printing services
  • purchases of instructional software
  • staffing and technical support

Usage Fee for Non-Supporting Classes and Units

Departments which are not part of our three supporting colleges do not contribute to the academic fee supporting the ICL, and must therefore pay an equivalent usage fee to use the ICL:

  • for semester-long reservations, the equivalent per-SCH CAS academic fee charge multiplied by the number of SCH for the class
  • for individual reservations, $15.50 per hour

Current Reservation Schedule:

Please click the following link to view the ICL's weekly-recurring class reservations for the current semester.

Scheduling Classes:

To request that a class be scheduled in the ICL for an upcoming semester, or to learn more about the requirements for scheduling a class in the ICL, please visit the ICL's Scheduled Classes and Course Fees page. Please note that requests:

  • must be submitted at least 6 months in advance
  • are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis
  • must be reserved and confirmed through CAS IT Services before submitting an R-6 form to the Registrar.

Scheduling Reservations:

To request a one-time reservation in the ICL, or to learn more about the requirements for reserving the ICL, please visit the ICL's One-time Reservations page.