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Updating a Mailing List After Changing Your E-mail Address

When your alias changes and you start having trouble getting access or messages from lists that you're a member of, there's a perfectly logical explanation. Your new email is not a member of the list you previously were a member of, and your old email address is forwarding the messages.

Anything that changes what others see as your e-mail address, like changing your primarily alias due to a legal name change or convienence, will result in this issue.

In the example below, replace %ListName% with your actual list name.

You have two options to resolve this issue:

  1. Contact that owner of the list (%ListName%-owner@mail.cas.unt.edu) and have that person remove your old e-mail and add your new one.
  2. Manage your subscription on your own:
    1. Send an e-mail:
    2. Send a second e-mail:

Note: For a full list of commands available to send to the list send an e-mail: