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Mailman: Forbidden Access

When mailmain forbids access to its lists from any off-campus computers as a security precaution. The web interfaces are no-longer accessible from off campus. You must either be on-campus or connected to the UNT VPN to access the web interface. This requirement helps to keep our addresses from being compromised.

Self Service

If you are a member of a list, but cannot get on campus or connect to a VPN, you will need to use the mailman's e-mail based help functionality.
In the following e-mail addresses, replace LISTNAME with the name of the list.

If you are a member of a list and wish to manage your subscription, send an e-mail to your list's request handler at:

If you have questions regarding the purpose of the list you are a member of, contact your list owner at:

If you wish to join (subscribe) or leave (unsubscribe) a list, use these convenient email addresses that serve specific functions:

List Admins

An email went out to the CAS List Admins list regarding this change.

Redirected Here

If youv'e been redirected here from mailmain, bit's because we've replaced the forbidden message with a redirection to this page so that you could be reminded of these changes.