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Using VMware Horizon Collaboration

Horizon can facilitate collaboration between users by sharing a session. You may want to show someone else how you are performing certain actions; or get support from your instructor on why something isn't working as expected. Horizon Collaboration allows you to share your screen, and even give temporary control to another user.

Only users who have been granted Desktop Streaming access will be available to invite to your collaboration session.

Enable Collaboration

  1. In the Windows Taskbar, click on the VMware Horizon Session Collaboration icon
  2. Enter the UNT EUID or UNT email address of the authorized user you wish to invite to your session
    1. If they do not currently have access to our Streaming environment, they will need to request access first
  3. Press Enter, or click the name of the person you want to invite
  4. Click the Copy Link button to start the session
    1. At this point, the other user will see your Collaboration session appear in their Workspace in the Horizon Desktop Client or Horizon Web Client (they may have to refresh their browser first)
    2. The Copy Link button has automatically put the link to your session in your Windows clipboard. To manually share the URL for your Collaboration session you must first paste (Ctrl + V) it into a text editor (IE. Notepad) within the Streaming Desktop and then copy (Ctrl + C) the URL in order to paste it in your local computer (in case you need to email the link or send it via a chat application)
  5. Clicking on the Collaboration icon in the taskbar now will show a list of who has access and who is currently viewing your desktop. You can remove them by clicking Remove

Joining a Collaboration Session

When you are invited to a Collaboration session, you will see a new icon appear in your Horizon Desktop which will connect you to the session.

  1. Login to VMware Horizon via a web browser or the Horizon Desktop Client
  2. Click on the Collaboration Session icon, the hosting users name should appear under it

Granting Temporary Control of a Collaboration Session

You can allow one of your collaborators temporary access to control your Streaming Desktop.

If you grant another user control of your Streaming Desktop, you can regain control by pressing any key on your keyboard while you have the session window open, or double clicking on your streaming desktop. The remote user can also return control to you by clicking the Control toggle on the collaboration icon in the taskbar.

When you grant another user Control of your session, they will not be able to transfer files, or copy-paste items between their own desktops and your Streaming Desktop.

  1. Click the Horizon Collaboration icon in the Windows taskbar
  2. Click the Toggle under the Control column for the user you wish to grant control of your Streaming Desktop

Ending a Collaboration session

You can end a Collaboration session in order to continue working by yourself at any time, or you can end your Streaming session completely. A collaboration session will always end if the host user is disconnected from their Streaming Desktop.

To end a collaboration session:

  • Click the button on the Collaboration Icon that appears on your desktop
    • Click the white box
    • When prompted to end the session, click Yes
  • Signing out or Disconnecting from your Streaming Desktop will end the Collaboration session ​​​​​​


You can invite up to 5 people to collaborate in your session

Collaboration is only available if you are connected to the host via the BLAST protocol. If you are using a web browser to connect to your Streamed Desktop, then you are already using BLAST. If you are using the VMware Horizon Client, you may need to reconnect to switch protocols if you do not see the option to Collaborate.