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Using Desktop Streaming

Once you have connected to your streaming desktop, the Desktop environment is similar to Windows 10. Applications can be found and launched from the start menu.

Files and Documents

Files saved in local directories will be lost when you log off.

You will have access to:

  • UNT OneDrive
  • UNT network storage (not all users will have access to these resources)
  • Staff and Faculty will also see their CAS Home drive

More Information.

Logging Off

To log off your streaming desktop:

  1. Click the Start Menu
  2. Click the user icon
  3. Select Sign Out

The window containing the streaming desktop will automatically close.


If you get disconnected from your streaming desktop, your session will be kept alive for 60 minutes after which you will be automatically logged off.

Disconnects can be caused by:

Closing the browser / VMware Horizon client without signing out first.

Loss of network connectivity on your local computer

Loss of network connectivity to the UNT campus

Reconnecting to VMWare Horizon will reconnnect you to your previous session if it is still active, or a new session if it is not.

Connection Issues

First, verify your settings match those on the Accessing Desktop Streaming page.

If you experience issues connecting to the service using the installed Horizon Client, it may be that the network you are on is blocking the protocol that the Horizon client uses by default. If you right click on the 'Desktop Streaming' icon in VMware Horizon Client, you should be able to select an alternate protocol: BLAST, PCoIP, or RDP.

If you are still unable to connect, try using the web version of Horizon. If that works, then it is likely either your Horizon client is too out of date and needs to be updated, or your local network may be blocking the protocols that are needed by the client to communicate with the server.

Request Support

If you require assistance, CAS IT Support staff may be able to assist you. Please provide information regarding the system you are accessing Desktop Streaming from, what you were trying to do, as well as what happened. It may be helpful to take screenshots as appropriate as well.

By Phone: During regular operating hours (8:00 am - 7:00 pm Weekdays, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Saturdays)

  • 940-565-4498

By Email: