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Apple Software Updates

Apple continuously releases free software updates to keep your devices current. macOS automatically checks for software updates using its internet connection.

Software Updates can be installed at any time through the Self Service app by running the 'Apple Software Update' policy. This performs the same task as installing updates via the App Store's Update tab, but does not require a system administrator. If you have any questions or concerns about updating your Apple Software, please contact us.

Automatic Updates

CAS IT has scheduled Apple Software Updates to be automatically installed on Wednesday mornings.

If updates require the system to restart, users will be prompted if they want to install updates. If you choose not to allow updates at that time, we recommend that you run the Apple Software Update policy from Self Service at your earliest convenience.

Once updates are being installed, it is recommended that you save and close anything you are working on, though you can continue to use the computer. Once the updates are complete, typically after 5-15 minutes, you will be prompted that the computer is ready to restart, 60 seconds later the computer will restart automatically.


What If I am Off Campus

As long as your computer is connected to the internet, your computer should attempt to automatically update on Wednesdays. Additionally, you should still be able to use the Self Service app to run Apple Software Update.

What happens if I choose to cancel the update

If you cancel the update, you will not be prompted to update again until the following Wednesday morning. It is highly recommended that you run the Apple Software Update policy from Self Service at your convenience.

Will my Operating System be automatically upgraded?

No, only minor OS updates will be installed automatically. (Ex. For OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.5 would be updated to 10.11.6, but would not be upgraded to version 10.12 Sierra)