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FY2017 Server Pricing

CASITS Virtual Server Pricing for FY2017

If you are considering the purchase of a virtual server from CASITS, please take the time to read this page in its entirety. There is much to consider when creating a new virtual server.

The following table describes the current yearly cost of each virtual hardware and software/management component (in its basic form) within the ITSS VMWare vSphere server farm. To get more information on the physical hardware, space, and service expectations, please visit our Server Service Description page.

This price list is subject to change every fiscal year, especially after a Server Service contract with Dell or other is renewed or changed. Our next renewal is scheduled for 2018.

Price (each)

Basic Server Qty

Extension (rounded up)

vCPU $49.85 2 $100.00
RAM (1 GB) $99.70 2 $200.00
Hard disk (1 GB) $1.00 40 $40.00
Configuration Management $48.00 2 $96.00
---- ---- ---- ----
Basic Server Cost per year $436

Definitions of virtualized hardware/software

It is important to understand that a "server" that you may be purchasing is not actually a tangible device existing in physical space. Instead, it exists in a virtual environment that is hosted within CAS-managed phyiscal server hardware. While vCPU, RAM, and Hard Disk items from the table are pretty self-explanatory, Configuration Management is not.

Configuration Management includes the management of Configuration Items. A Configuration Item is any part of a virtual server that CASITS has to create or maintain in addition to the creation of a standard virtual Windows or Linux server. Configuration Items can include (but are not limited to) examples such as the following:

  • Accounts that we integrate with UNT systems.
  • Additional software packages that we install and/or maintain. A new virtual server will usually have at least one of these, unless you plan to manage it entirely yourself.
  • Number of databases that we provide or maintain for the virtual server. These databases can be added to existing database servers or localized.
  • Number of additional devices we integrate. Examples include: sensor equipment, USB dongle, monitoring special services, and any other specialized equipment.

If you have any questions about the items above, please contact CAS IT Services.