New name for CAS IT

Many of you refer to our faculty/staff computer techs as “four four nine eight.”  The 4498 service desk staff work as part of a larger group of computer professionals known as “College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Services.”  Because we split the “College of Arts and Sciences” and the three colleges/schools agreed to share computer services, our computer professionals group needed a new name.
However, while the computer professionals group needed a new name, we wanted the name to retain the “CAS” initialism because a tremendous amount of computer stuff uses it.  Keeping “CAS” enables computer staff to leave many things alone, which enables you to keep advancing education and research with as little interruption as possible.  For that and other reasons, computer staff, committees, and our leadership agreed that keeping the “CAS” initialism made sense.
I thank and credit Professor and Interim Chair Charles Conley for coming up with the name we chose to match those initials: Computing for Arts and Sciences
So, when you use your computer and access files on “CAS Home” or get email from a “” mailing list or you tell the service desk your computer’s name, like “CAS-1234567,” the “CAS” in that context makes sense.  It’s deliberate.