On 2/2, a new web robot starts preventing known-malicious web sites from immobilizing, angering, or depressing you

In the past year, a substantial number of compromises have happened when people visit web sites and either:

  • Get their computer compromised through some software vulnerability
  • Enter confidential information into the remote web site.

One of our security product vendors, McAfee, provides a solution (a web "gateway" or "proxy") to thwart those problems.

How it Works

Currently when you request information from a web site:

  1. You browse to a web site
  2. The web site returns results to your computer

On February 2nd, your "web proxy" should work just like you would expect a "proxy" to work for you in real life.  Simplistically:

  1. You browse to a web site
  2. Your computer automatically sends the web site request through an intermediary computer (your "proxy")
  3. Your proxy verifies the remote web site and content does not present a known threat
  4. Your proxy returns safe web site's results to your web browser

We plan to have all CAS-maintained Windows and Mac computers begin doing this around Monday, February 2nd, 2015.


Administrative and other UNT areas have already implemented this solution and preliminary testing looks good to CAS IT staff as well.

If you run into problems, please enter a ticket (note a "Web" issue so it prompts you for the right information) or contact our office.