Building Techs | Computing for Arts + Sciences

Building Techs

Name Building
Michael Arranaga

Hickory Hall

Life Sciences Complex Building A

Life Sciences Complex Building B

Drew Ballard

Dance and Theatre Building

Radio TV Film Production Building

Enviromental Building

Josh Chrestman

Language Building

Physics Building

Zachary Endy

Chilton Hall

Terrill Hall

Kendal Huckabee

Chemistry Building

Science Research Building

Auditorium Building

Jon Mays

Sycamore Hall

General Academic Building (GAB)

Ivan Ontiveros

Athletics Building (ROTC)

Wooten Hall

Adam Selby

Dance & Theatre Building

General Academic Building

Language Building

Radio, TV, Film & Performing Arts Building

Sycamore Hall

David Smith

Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building

General Academic Building

Language Building

Physics Building

Sage Hall

Wooten Hall

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